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I've been to Burning Man

Might be nice with a little crackling fire along the bottom, but my digital art skills are primitive. Feel free to mod it, though, if you feel inspired. (Never mind, I did it myself).

I would think that a site called "deviant art" would attract the sort of people who go to Burning Man, but maybe not.

I went to Burning Man once several years ago. I'd like to go back sometime, but for me, it's a long drive, and I haven't had the finances to cover it.
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I'd love to go to Burning Man; but the finances are a problem for me, too.
{...added to the fact that i live in Wisconsin...}
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That's probably at least one whole day's less drive than from Pennsylvania :p.

But yeah, it's not so easy for us non-west coasters.
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All my friends go, but I haven't been able to afford it yet :(
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I hope you get a chance sometime soon. Even if you can't go regularly, it's worth experiencing even once.
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I hope so too. My friend's friend Burning Dan passed away at Burning Man, but his video of him spinning fire poi just got on Letterman.
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Wow, that's...sad, and...awesome.
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