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there's a girl somewhere
Freedom is her name
she shines in my dreams
with a body of pure light
eyes of warmth
a tranquil aura
sets my heart at ease
dissolves all fear

searchin' for a groovy lady
dreamin' of an antique gal
tryin' to find my flower child

I saw her one day, sitting barefoot in the grass
she had blonde hair, all down her back
a flower behind her ear, a smile upon her lips
her fingers were in the shape of a 'V'

she was tellin' stories of peace and love
about days when people cared for the earth
food grew from the ground, and eyes lifted toward the sky
you could find a friend, before you needed to look

searchin' for a groovy lady
dreamin' of an antique gal
tryin' to find my flower child

I started believin' what she said, knew it was true
wondered what happened to this beautiful world
just then I was distracted, lost her in the crowd
I couldn't find her, I knew she was gone

searchin' for a groovy lady
dreamin' of an antique gal
tryin' to find my flower child

in a day long past, still to come
when friends are valued more than foes
love and acceptance will rule the world
it's there I know, I'll find my flower child
This was my first poem influenced by (and introducing) "the girl" I developed overpowering feelings for, that were never returned. The verse that starts "I saw her one day" is a true story - it's the first time I saw her, and she made an indelible image in my mind. For the sake of the poem, I've written her as something of a hippie flower child - likely inspired by her long, flowing hair (which I myself later adopted in imitation), and my own fascination with the music and counterculture of the late '60s and early '70s. This was not, necessarily, her true-to-life personality. Which is indicative of my error - creating this idealized version in my head of a person who could never measure up in reality.

Some of these poems I wrote with the idea that they could be turned into songs, since I was at the early height of my music fandom in those days. I'd spent much of my time in classes in high school writing out lyrics to my favorite songs from memory (mostly Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd) in a notebook, while the teachers lectured. I'm pretty smart, and I've always gotten satisfactory, if not commendable grades (depending on how distracted I was by girls later on), but by senior year I was getting bored with the curriculum (and it got worse in college, after I met "the girl"). I had it in my mind that this song would be slow and longing, with a heavy, grungey sound, reminiscent of classic jams by Neil Young & Crazy Horse (e.g., Powderfinger, Cortez the Killer).
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