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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess locked inside a tower. For years she sat trapped in that tower, dreaming of the outside world; until one day, a handsome prince rode by on a shining stallion. Glimpsing the princess from a tower window, he fell instantly in love with her, and was determined to set her free.

But the tower gate was far too strong to be broken by force. Speaking in a sweet voice through the gate, the princess explained to the prince the magic spell that held her captive. The only way to break the spell was to defeat the powerful sorcerer who had cast it upon her.

So with a sad farewell, the prince rode off, vowing to meet the sorcerer in battle, to decide the princess' fate. He searched the world over, but could not find any trace of the evil wizard. All the while, the princess sat in her tower and waited. But clenched tightly in the palm of her hand was a small golden key. It was the key to her captivity.

You see, the princess had trapped herself inside the tower, and she alone had the means to escape. Yet she truly believed she was caught under a spell, because she felt that she did not have the power to use the key, though it was in her grasp. It was fear that kept her from leaving the tower and going out into the wide, uncertain world. But it was no ordinary fear; this fear was the result of a curse placed on the princess on her day of birth, by a supernatural demon.

According to lore, demons are powerful creatures of darkness. Because they are spirits, and do not exist on the physical plane, they are immortal, and cannot be defeated. Their spells are not parlor tricks, but deadly curses that are rarely broken, and not without much suffering. Only the one afflicted by the curse has the power to overcome it; but this is not a trivial matter, and the path towards success is never clear. Indeed, demons tend to feed on a person's unique weaknesses, placing their curses where they are bound to reap the most suffering, on those who are least likely to have the strength to fight back.

Eventually the prince returned from his adventures, ashamed that he could not find and defeat the sorcerer, and thereby free the princess from her captivity. He stayed by her for many days and nights, speaking to her through the tower gate. He learned that fear kept the princess from escaping the tower, and endeavored to find a way to give her courage. But nothing seemed to work. Her fear was far too strong, overcoming even her desire to be free from it. It seemed quite hopeless.

But then one day the princess learned that there were angels in the world. She had spent many nights dreaming of angels, but never believed that they visited the mortal realm. But sure enough, with the prince's guidance, she was finally able to spot one from a distance. Seeing the angel filled the princess with a great joy, and she desired to get closer to it. But the angels never came very close to the tower, for they were creatures of light, and the tower was a very gloomy place.

So, finally, the princess found the motivation to withstand her fear of going out into the world. She was determined to become strong and free, so that she could dance with the angels. And every time she felt herself slipping back towards the tower, the growing distance between her and the angels pulled her back to her senses. And in the end, by allying herself with the forces of light, the princess was able to shake off the demon's curse. She married the prince who had stood by her in her time of need, and the two were surrounded by a host of angels everywhere they went. And so they lived happily ever after.
This is a little story I wrote for Flickr several years ago. It's semi-biographical, albeit with a happy ending tacked onto the end. It was an exercise in wishful thinking, you see.
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Nice fairy tale ^^
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