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dreamweaver, weave me a dream
build me a world
start with a wide green field
let me feel the cool blades of grass under my feet
and send in a refreshing breeze
to ease the warm bright rays of sun
falling upon my shoulders
and bring the ocean near
so that I may distract myself with awe
at the size and wonder of the sea
while the rhythmic crashing of waves
sets my mind to rest

dreamweaver, weave me a dream
but leave me not alone
bring me a girl
bright as the sun
cool as the grass
beautiful as the sky
with eyes deeper than the sea
playful, but only for me
singing a pleasant melody
carried away by the breeze
what more could I need?

dreamweaver, weave me a dream
leave me this place, in space
and please stop time
let this dream not unwind
I like this one. Escapism, perhaps - and not without an element of yearning - but a rare moment of peacefulness in what was an emotionally tumultuous period of my life.
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Submitted on
March 8