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Card-Carrying Nudist

By zharth
Graphically speaking, this is a very crude mock-up of a concept I wanted to bring to life, but I thought it was cute, and it gets the point across in a fun way.

In truth, I don't have any kind of official membership to a nudist club or organization, although I am as much dedicated to the lifestyle as any nudist could be (within my means). And though I might not support national or worldwide "nudist initiatives" with my cash or my signature, I feel that I make important contributions to the nudist movement in other ways - ways that are more in line with my particular talents and interests (e.g., writing and modeling).

Besides, I support "guerilla" nudism and, unlike some nudists, don't believe you need the recognition of some authority in order to be a nudist. (Plus, as with any -ism, I don't want to be beholden to what the community collectively decides is "kosher", that I may or may not agree with). If you ever enjoy the freedom and relaxation of lounging around sans clothes for anything other than a sexual motivation - even if it's only in private, indoors, by yourself, in your own house or apartment - then you're a nudist as far as I'm concerned.

P.S. Does this vague depiction of a bare bottom constitute "nudity" of the sort that would require a content filter here on deviantART? If so, that seems a little extreme...
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Yay, I'm a nudist too! Especially while sleeping. xD

I don't think you need a mature filter here, I don't think anyone's delicate sensibilities could be damaged by seeing these inexplicit cartoon buttocks. I could be wrong though. ;)
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Hooray for nudism! :woohoo:

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but where do you draw the line? I'm afraid I could be subjected to the whims of a capricious moderator...
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I like it!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:whisper: You could wet the back of the card, and stick it on you...; or I guess, you could have someone lick you... :D

:whisper: One of the "Mature Content" categories is "Ideologically Sensitive" :shrug: With thinking like that, I have to assume that all of my creations require a mature content tag. :meditate:
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I wouldn't recommend licking another person's behind at a nudist resort, but you're welcome to proceed at your own risk. lol!

I know, right? Practically everything that comes out of my mouth could be considered "ideologically sensitive". Seems a bit restrictive - isn't the point of free speech that sometimes people will say things that offend you? It's the same issue I have with "trigger warnings" - they mean well, but seem to come from a place that is dangerously over-protective of other people's sensibilities. And that's coming from somebody who describes himself as a "highly sensitive person". :no: 
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I'll proceed with caution. Lick behinds, before arrival at the nudist colony. Check! ;)

True; 'Trigger Warnings' is another way of saying "Be careful of what you say; you might hurt my feelings." Yet, those same people seem to demand the right to say whatever they choose; and if it hurts someone's feelings; they feel that they have taught you an important lesson about their pain/struggle.
:no: I just don't see how that will work out well... :shrug:
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