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Burning Man (Crackling Fire Version)

This is an updated version of one of my first stamps (I tried to update the original file, but since this one is an animated gif, and the previous one was a static png, it wouldn't let me upload a file with a different extension).
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some stories you can tell about?
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Where to begin?

Getting stuck in line for 6 hours on the first day due to brownout dust storm conditions? Waking up at dawn one morning to hear somebody blaring one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs (Since I've Been Loving You) from a nearby camp? Having s'mores at sunset while trying to explain to some kid that I'm not wearing pants because it's cooler (he didn't think it was very "cool")? Getting baked out in the hot desert sun and having complete strangers offer to hose me down with super soakers? Seeing a Fleetwood Mac cover band perform with a topless Stevie Nicks impersonator? Getting confused and disoriented trying to find my way back to camp during a snowstorm at night in the desert? Biking out to the perimeter and looking back on all the flashing lights along the horizon like some kind of neon, terrestrial reflection of the Milky Way? Losing my camera filled with once-in-a-lifetime photos, because I insisted on stripping down to my very skin and dancing around a crowded inferno like some kind of primitive fire-worshipper? Or driving back across the country in a dusty van, and being stopped by a state trooper who was sure I was trafficking in drugs?

I kept a journal.