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Action vs. Attraction

By zharth
You could be sexually attracted to the mutilation of puppies for all I care. As long as you're not actually going out and mutilating puppies, and understand that animal cruelty isn't okay just because it turns you on, then there is nothing preventing you from being an all-around decent human being, and contributing member of society. You could even be a good pet-owner, for all I know. And if that's the case, then I have no qualms whatsoever about your right to seek sexual satisfaction within the bounds of common sense and the law.

I'm sorry for the extreme example, but they're the ones that truly test the conviction of our principles. To put it another way, having rape fantasies doesn't make you a rapist. But this approach can be applied to any number of instances where sexual desires are stigmatized above and beyond the antisocial crimes they MAY lead some people to commit. Even love "misguided" is still love (and yes, the desire to share pleasure with others is a form of love), and doesn't deserve to be equated with violence and hatred. Contrary to popular naiveté, human sexuality can be a confusing whirlwind of desires, but our attractions alone do not determine the content of our characters.

I reject the tendency toward the criminalization of thought, speech, and fantasy. The prosecution of pre-crime is not only unjust, but it violates the principle of free will, paradoxically punishing people for acts that not only have they not committed, but cannot even be held responsible for, because the possibility that they might have chosen not to commit that act has not even been considered.

It is my policy not to condemn people for the things that make them tingle - whatever they may be - for I take a positive stance on sexuality, and its potential to bring people pleasure, in spite of the ways that the lesser among us might use it to justify their selfish crimes. There are not good and bad sexual desires, only good and bad people, who will use those desires either for good or evil. But you cannot determine the one from the other, and much evil has been perpetrated throughout history by the pious and morally conservative. Goodness is not intrinsic to purity.
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