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(Call 555-Dragon for rates on lightning!)

Always looking for dragonkind
And though I do this mostly inside
I have a place for those I find
to protect and share, our wisdom guide.


I will be uploading art every once and a while with the main subject manner of Dragons, Dragonization, Dragonny stuff, Dragonish things, and variously Draconic images.

So, there will be quite a diversity of material!

Theme of art:

Pearls the size of the moon
Roasted Swallow
Copper, Gold, Gems, Jade

Five-colored silk thread
Leaves from the wang plant

Other Interests
Dragons, Awesomization (Transformation into Dragons), the study of Dragons, Dragon culture, Dragon..


2021-10-31: New Journal entry detailing a real life TF experience, announcing the postponement of Ember's Halloween Special, an explanation for my absence this month, and a teaser image of a piece of upcoming TF art.

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Hello SpyNinja28300; unfortunately, I do not do request art.

others may have already asked you, but when will the next chapter of the Book of Dragon TF start?

obviously preceded by the 6th Ember Inquiry intermediary chapter.
Ember Imparting is ready now. There shall be a break in the Book of Dragon TF while I share other new stuff and TF content.
Technology has evolved. 5th generation networks are now officially online. Amazing,how fast technology advances, isn't it? With new technology comes new artistic abilities! I'd love to see you keep up with the amazing expression of dragonkind! 😁

Thanks, NuclearPerson. Too bad that technology didn't give me more time to dedicate to the art of Dragonkind! There's always next generation, though. Right?