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My twitter being here: twitter.com/MasterZhaituki

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Questions asked
1. How often you are using Facebook? - Everyday, about all the time online when i'm on my computer.
2. What kind of RP characters you're playing as? - Quite many OC's actually.
3. Do you prefer canon? Or fandom? - I prefer mainly OC's, while i have Daimogeta. From partly alternate universe of dbz. (Half Vegeta, Half Demon)
4. Have you ever developed your OCs so far more than in two years? - I don't really develop my OC's much, only when necessary.
5. Did people ever claim your OCs as Mary Sues? Gary Stues? - Well i don't remember atleast, but i don't think so.
6. Tell me about the character you're drawing the most. - Well i've only really drawed the Shardonian Emperor, Choddo Mistoris and his bodyguard, ancient demon Demongar.
7. Tell me about your favorite Twitter account. - Kind of hard question this one is, i haven't been long in twitter to decide atm really. So i guess atm, Heru. She's pretty dear friend to me.
8. Do you play video games? - Yup, alot. While i play WoW pretty casually nowadays, i still take pokemon videogaming competition quite seriously. I'm no elitist but i don't like that my opponent offers little to no challenge. I love challenge after all.
9. Do you collect trading cards? - Yes, both pokemon and yugioh cards. In pokemon i collect quite many different kinds of pokemon, especially them basculins. <3 In Yugioh i pretty much collect elemental heroes, destiny heroes and snakes... otherwise kind of random collection. I pretty much play tournaments in yugioh anymore, pokemon has crappy format of no skill. All relies on what deck build you use, what you draw and whoever starts.
10. Are more calm or emo person? - Pretty calm i guess. :P

New questions
1. Would you like your OC to be main character of new anime in a completely new world?
2. If you could wish for any one anime character's special powers to be your own, which one would it be? (no OC's)
3. Do you have any pets?
4. Do you believe in cycle of life?
5. Do you play MMORPG type games?
6. Do you watch what kind of anime?
7. What video game consoles have you played?
8. Where would you like to live if you could decide without money concerns?
9. How would you change the world if you could decide?
10. If you could be any Yu-gi-oh! monster, which would you be? Search yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Pag… if you don't know any.

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