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July 27, 2010
Whales Orchestra by ~zgul-osr1113 is a fresh and funny melody of colours. Enjoy the beauty and originality of this amazing artwork! Also suggested by =jcroxas: This is absolutely lovely and amazing! The concept looks so great and brilliant, letting us imagine of the wonderful talents of the sea creatures out there. Such a lovely piece for us to imagine and to look at the symbols and meanings carefully.
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Suggested by hyenacub
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Whales Orchestra

super noise pollution LOL :D

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- "So, I think to myself that Jazz is for Whale!" - said I and started to make a sense for director of jazz
- "The Catchy Fast Swingy Bebop and Slowly Lyric Ballad with Swishy Brushes on Snare Drum and Hi hat to 2 and 4 beat. The Endless Improvisation. The Bass grooves. Ride swings. Humpback Esentiano Roberia brings a Nice Sound of Sax to Everyone with Fin Whaley which is on Trombone and Andrew-Nico Sei Whaley who's on Clarinet. Also with some of their little friends.
And every evening, when sun sets they plays bossa nova in 106 bpm. And also this Orchestra has vocal. A whale too. She's Wella Trèsone. A finwhale. Sings really calming and jazzy. Please, I beg you, let us to play in your café!"

- "And you thought that they can to help for my café?" - said the director perplexedly.
- "Of cause!"
- "But they ar..." *interruption
- "No matter to suppose that whales won't play jazz." - said I
- "But that's So Crazy and Weird to think that they coul.... * I looked to his eyes straightly and serious.
- "...Oh, ok, they're welcome to other business!" *sadly and scared director looked to door...
- " Hey, guys, ar'y'all ready to make the Best Improvisation?" - I shouted.
- "Oui, mon Monsieur, tu es bon chef d'orchestre!" - said Esentiano.
- "Oh yeah, it will be great!" - replied Fin.
- "Este idea es notable! Mis soñaros han hecho realidad!!!" - joyfully exclaimed Nico.
- "Yeah, yeah, 'cause I said for u that if you'll repeat your composition many times and qualitatively you will be there and you will be popular!" - said I

So, I again think to myself that they'll be great musicians of whole Ocean! And it's right, 'cause they want it. They want to improvise for hours for people, staring to them from windows or sitting on "opened-air" porches of café. Because it's impossible ( but not so ) to believe that whales can play jazz! But these guys can! Well, I wish them Happy Creation and the Endless Peace in world!!!
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Oh, I made a mistake - Fin is on Clarinet and Andrew-Nico plays the Sax ( he's behind them all )
This picture made me smile.
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Everytime I see this lovely picture I am filled with absolute glee! They look so happy, it's just great.
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How is this not a thing? SCIENCE YOU FAILED ME!
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probably. It's awesome enought to be willing to take that bet :3 Either way, it's completely "What the WOW DAMNN..." compatible.
...Oh my heart :')
i can almost hear that music...
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May I please use this? I need to do an assignment for school, and this is just what I need for it. I'll make sure to credit you, and I would really appreciate your consent!
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Do you know how weird it would be if this was real? xD
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im going to cry looking at this..... i
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reminds me of fantasia! :D
volva-autobot's avatar
Ok good! I'm not the only one lol c:
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This. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!
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Shouldn't they be using their blowholes?? Just saying... awesome pic!
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This is sooooooooooooooooooo EPIC!!!
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Hey, if they're all organized, that's a noise polution that I wouldn't mind!
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my arguments just been rendered invalid???
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ja ke hermosa vision
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