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Fan fiction for Taylor Andersons destroyermen
Indian Ocean July 22nd 1942
Captain Robert Douglas Drake sighed as he watched the Japanese scout aircraft hovering just outside of anti aircraft range, it had been five days since the Australian parts of the convey had sacrificed themselves in order to give the rest a chance for the rest of the convey to escape the net. He shook his head and looked at his battered but still whole command, HMS Ark Royal the only example of raider/aircraft and dragon transport vessel, she had already proven her worth countless times before her present mission. Being particularly effective at killing enemy raiders even without launching her dragons and aircraft. Drake smiled at his battered command, whilst she definitely needed a refit when she got back, he thought, she was still tough enough to serve as protection as part of a critical convey to Avalons allies. She wasn't alone of course, her consorts consisted of two more carriers similar in design to her, the Graf Zeppelin and Taiho, the three heavy dr
:iconzgerken:Zgerken 0 2
Evolution of Vampires and Werewolves
The evolutionary history of these two species is not very well studied, primarily due to the acceptance of many today of the original explanation for their existence that had been put forward in order for them to join our nations forces back when Avalon was still a very young country. But also because there are so few fossils had been discovered so it would be hard for anyone to have accurately determined their genetic origins in terms of their placement within our own evolutionary tree. What is now known thanks to recent discoveries on all major land masses within the last decade has highlighted some interesting things to us now, since the program that completely catalogued the human genome in company with it show that we are closely related, the human race, in fact the divergence occurred geographically only not long before humans properly evolved. Due in part to the existence to  hybrids between us and the vampires and werewolves this divided isn't that big, as the number of su
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Mature content
Dinofication part 2 :iconzgerken:Zgerken 1 4
Dinofication part 1
Emily Draco was walking to a laboratory with her two best friends, Sally Cleopatra Longwing and Claire Jane Band , they were going to to the Laboratory of Dr Fritz Von Dino who had developed a tf solution that could turn anyone into their true form a few years ago, the form hidden in their DNA code be whatever it was, more than a few people learnt to their disappointment that their true form was their current one, Emily wasn't entirely certain this was the best choice she had ever made but her friends knew people who done it and hadn't regretted doing it and where currently enjoying their new forms, so she couldn't back down without looking a bit silly since plenty of others had done it and been fine.
Dr Dino was a slight average height man with a friendly expression on his face as he looked upon Emily and her friends, he said " So you vant to try out my tf solution Jah?" He asked, Emily looks at her friends then back to the doctor then nodded , the doctor nodded to himself before beck
:iconzgerken:Zgerken 2 1
The story of the temple 1
The bovine curse of the ancient temple.
Some where in the Amazon rainforest lay an ancient temple built by a forgotten people who died ages past, it had laid forgotten for thousands of years after it abandonment by the ancient people who used to care for it, prayed to the long forgotten gods it enshrined within its now empty walls, the years had been kind for this temple unlike many others that mankind has built over the centuries of its existence on this world we called earth.
The temple was spilt into a dozen sections all surrounding a central domed hall carved from an extinct volcano that used to exist fertilising the plain in which it sat the surrounding structures were built in a similar fashion to shape of the volcano in which the main shrine of all their gods was placed each one dedicated to one of their dozen gods that they had worshiped during their existence in this world before entering the next . The reason for its such good condition was that the entire complex had been se
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Hello, okay you are probably wondering why I am submitting a journal due to fact I rarely submit anything as its well me. Well the reason being is that I got tagged by StrangeGirl091200 ( who herself was tagged. What it is essentially is that person gets tagged they have to answer some questions that person who tagged and put down a few facts about yourself. Then tagg 13 others with questions of your own, it's bit more complicated than that but the rules are straight forward but I thought I would give you the gist, so here they are: 
The Rules
1:Write the rules or copy and paste them.
2: Write 13 things about yourself.
3: Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions.
4: Tag 13 deviants.
5: Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6: Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
7: It's forbidden to not tag anyone.
8: Tag backs allowed.
9: If you don't make this tag in a week, you Have to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you.

okay so those where the rules, believe me I was tempted to make a little joke by each one for the sheer hell of it but sanity won out. Okay so here 13 random things about me: 
1: I'm a man united fan and proud, 
2: I come up with bad jokes routinely 
3: I'm very much a military nut in terms of history 
4: I absolutely love to read various fiction genres
5: I'm better at verbalising my thoughts than writing them down
6: I was very bad at pe when I was at school
7: Used to play the alto Saxophone, still own it needs repairs before I can play it again.
9: Really love pretty much anything to do with Dinosaurs, yes I do mean it.
10: I have no sense of style nor do I care.
11: my favourite and dream car is a Ferrari Daytona in British racing green.
12: my sense of direction or at least my mental compass can be easily confused.
13: I like coming up with weird ideas for stories.

Now For strange girls questions, don't expect anything particularly spectacular I'm not that special.
Qu 1. What does your name mean on Deviant Art mean? Where does it come from?
Okay my deviant art name, if you hadn't noticed is an amalgamation of the first letter of my first name and my surname, where my first name comes from not a clue, my surname however is Flemish in origin, makes it as old as the language. It means spear bearer or bearer of spear so yeah a warrior name, next!
Qu 2. Why have you decided to join Deviant Art?
The real answer was originally just to be able to favourite and comment on art I really liked, that's it.
Qu3. What's your mother Language? 
I'm gonna assume you mean my native language which is English, although my mother can speak fluent German.
Qu 4. How many languages can you speak?
Technically? One, however I can speak a little bit of German and Latin, although I plan to learn more of both. But English is the one I can speak easily.
Qu 5. How is the place you live?
Chatham? It's alright, admittedly it takes awhile to get used to that's all I can really say about it.
Qu 6. What's your favourite period of the year? 
Well in reality it's spring and autumn, as I can only choose one, it's spring, it's not too hot or cold just the way I like it.
Qu 7. What's your favourite drink?
Coca cola cherry, nice refreshing taste and good to drink during the summer.
Qu 8. What's the best place you've been? 
That would have to be the doge's palace in Venice, mostly for the old weapons displayed there, but it's nicely designed building as well.
Qu 9. What's your worst fear?
Drowning, simple as that.
Qu 10. How where you as a kid? 
Depends on the point you ask, at times I was a little arse others very good, varied really.
Qu 11. What were your favourite movies/ books when you where younger?
Jurrasic park, Thomas the tank engine, Hornblower, Pearls girls and monty bodkin, Tom and Jerry and scooby doo and James Bond.
Qu 12. Which character did terrorise you most as a kid?
Actual person or a character I watched, well I can't name them all, as for character, well it was the dilo from Jurrasic park, that did it the most, I have an over active imagination.
Qu 13. What's your greatest dream? 
My greatest dream is to own a home where I have space to create all the crazy ideas into real things.

My Questions: 
1: What initially drew you to Deviant Art?
2: What's your favourite past time?
3: What kind of food do you absolutely adore?
4: Do you use YouTube in any manner?
5: What is your favourite genre of fiction?
6: If you could travel to any point in the past, where would you go and why?
7: How important do you think the past is?
8: If you could bring any mythological creature to life, which one would it be and why?
9: What decade do you find you enjoy the music of more than the others?
10: What time of day do you enjoy the most?
11: What is your dream car and why is it your dream car?
12: What bands would you recommend to people you know?
13: Which of your favourite foods would you recommend to a friend? 

And the taggees are: 
TheStrangeGirl091200 (
Mackenzthedragongirl (
Casmirnightshoue (
Small-Brown-Dog (
Gilarah93 (
Hellraptor (
Ulario (
AkuOreo (
MikeDoscher (
DB-palette (
Hyrotrioskjan (
Alonbok77 (
Mr-DNA (
TheDangercat (
Sinto-risky (
e5111 (
Sheather888 (
 So there you have it, hope you enjoy the answers, a feed fact about me, I'm very bad with technology.


Zgerken's Profile Picture
Zachary Robert Gerken
United Kingdom
I am interested in sci fi, steampunk and anything to do with dragons.


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