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Steps_S/MK 7.61

Steps of S/MK 7.61
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oh baby

...50's haircuts always get me
JussiKarro's avatar
Oh man, I feel bad for the dog!
SunSunich's avatar
Thanks for sharing!
Morigalaxy's avatar
ah really a like this progress stuff. It's like watching a movie set come together. I love the selection of hair you went through, and kind of sad that you polished the dog but then took it out. :< but I agree that it didn't work compositionally. It still looks great though. love that rim lighting.
Markdotea's avatar
I liked the dog!
SML3000's avatar
Retro future space girls are always awesome.
The picture is just fine as it is, but I too give my vote for the dog being there.
Exzriel's avatar
Why did you remove the dog? I liked it :(
Zezhou's avatar
It doesn't work on composition. Too strong and distracting. 
Yes it is a pity. I like it too:)
Exzriel's avatar
That's a good excuse haha
Anyway, great job I am a dummy! ! (even without the dog)
Ineia's avatar
Amazing! It's so interesting all the changes you made and adjustments to get your final product!
Eluviel's avatar
This is probably the first one of these step by step gifs, that actually looks like it was a lot of work. The result is stellar though =)
KSBrannon's avatar
Woah. How long did this take?
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