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Personal work.
I started this 6 months ago. Took me so long to finish it. And I'm so glad I did it.
Hope you like it!

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DunkleMaterie's avatar
Fun Fact: I see only one White person in this picture. ;)
TheiaofGemini's avatar
Absolutely stunning.  

I'm also imagining if things were a bit reversed.  The young lady is huge and then men are smaller.  
Alice-Shinigami's avatar
wait that's a girl? XD
Panartias's avatar
I love this - has such a "King Athur" feeling to it.  Love 

The neeling person in the foreground looks really big compared to the others - is that intentional?
RVargasRN's avatar
Incredible!  I agree with JefWu about many stories in one piece of art!!!
JefWu's avatar
There’s so many stories you can tell only by looking at it.I love it!!
IroniaWhite's avatar
Masterpiece of storytelling and execution.
What's the story here? I'd love to know!
Zurku's avatar
fkin way to good son
At first i actually thought that they  are trying to stop her from attacking him 0.0
because her hand is on the sheath and she looks so angry. Just another way to look at it anyway.

This artwork is great! I really love it :D (Big Grin) 
You aren't wrong, this picture is first titled "Boss, just let it slip", in Chinese "大哥,算了算了" and the gift bringer is giving a middle finger.
That's so cool haha
BardofDarkness's avatar
Fantastic storytelling. Love the expressions and overall cohesion of the scene.
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Incredible work!!!

NAAAAM - icon 
JesseBuijink's avatar
Wow, this is phenomenal! This painting reminds me of the biblical genre works of 17th century dutch painters.
Were you inspired by a particular artwork to make this painting? 
m-o-th's avatar
I want to see how the white-skinned guy look like. :) also very interesting, makes me wonder if maybe it's a trap since the others look like they're trying to stop her from accepting the gift
AngelicAdonis's avatar
That's pretty amazing! Hope there was is a story for this!
Barosus's avatar
Simply stunning.
artoftherighteous's avatar
are they trying to stop her from taking the staff?
great picture!!!
BurenErdene's avatar
i would be very concerned too.
rocking-wolf-31's avatar
I love the guy who looks like he stares into a camera
HA. I just noticed him.
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