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Duel of the fates

By Zezhou
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New personal work. 
It's the 4th piece from the series" Before The World Ends"

Rewards available for this work:…
3000*1860 png for the final
216 process images

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Beautiful and dynamic!

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The design and coloring are absolutely gorgeous :love::love::love:
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Words cannot describe the beauty of this
s-0-d-a's avatar
even at my digital art never compared to this intensity 
nimnimnimnimnimnim's avatar
Still one of my absolute fav fantasy paintings ever! So strong!
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This is incredible!!
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Extremely stunning ! The movement, the angle and the perspective create a strong effect. The colors and the contrast of black and white are beautiful and intense. The warrior in black seems to be materialized from the shadow and taking over the fight, however the warrior in white stay courageous, she looks her ennemy in her eyes. This painting is just beautiful and great ! :happybounce: 
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Nice dynamic cmpsn!
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Simply amazing UuU
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love the composition
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Great perspective. Awesome.
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Just astounding...what softwares did you use???
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Now that is a story I want to know the outcome of. Supremely well done! :D
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I love this so much! It looks so real, as if you're actually there watching these two fight. Amazing! Clap 
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very dynamic piece.
this reminds me of Ichigo and Grimmjow <3 :D
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