[MMD] The Male Mangle Model DL
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I finally finished the actually Mangled version of my Toy Foxy model.
My first model was actually a Premangle or Mangle before he was taken apart by kids.
After all, the name Mangle would not be justified if he was all in one piece.

Included are a version of my model with an endohead and one that is fully mangled.
There are also endo eye versions of the above listed models.
The rules for these models are stricter than for my Toy Foxy/Premangle.

Toy Foxy/Premangle version:

1. Editing is allowed.
2. Do not take parts from this model without my permission (Please, send me a note on dA and specify the part you want).
3. If you edit him and want to distribute the edited model, please ask me first (Only if several changes were made to the model).
4. Use.
5. Use.
6. USE!!

Please credit ZexionStrife
Model made by ZexionStrife
Edited by NeyMarlon.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know so I can try to fix them.
If you fix any problems this model has, please send me the fixed model, so I can post an updated version. I will give you credit.

Model Part Credits:
Base: TDA and Kurusou
Glove texture: AnimeNebula003
Outfit: sonictheunknown's reaver outfit
Hair: Hzeo
Ears: AnimeNebula003's cat ears
Eyebase: Kakomiki
Endohead: I6NIS, Splinks, MMDSatoshi, NeyMarlon and ZexionStrife
Endo Neck: AnimeNebula003
Endoskeleton: I6NIS, Splinks, MMDSatoshi, MrWhitefolks and ConfederateJoe
The rest of the textures were made by me.

Please send me a link when you use him for I would love to see your hard work.
-----------This will also allow me to +fav  or like your stuff.---------------------------

Mangle belongs to Scott Cawthon

Image Credits
Effects: DarkAd.fx and AutoLuminous
Stage by kilala1148:

Model by me

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