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Org13- LOL's by BeagleTsuin Org13- LOL's :iconbeagletsuin:BeagleTsuin 638 98 Fire by skellingt0n Fire :iconskellingt0n:skellingt0n 28 14
Pain in the Axel ch 1
It was dark; that deep void that can only come from the late hours of the night. Nobody could have seen in that kind of darkened veil that had fallen over the castle. And nobody in his or her right mind would have wanted to. One would normally think grim darkness of the World that Never Was would remain a constant through out the hours, but this was not true.  Only the inhabitants of such a world could understand what true darkness the night held in such a place.  It's icy fingers reached into every inch of the land shadowing everything it touched in a sort of abyss that would make one feel like they'd never see the light again.  This was the true reason the castle had halls of white marble.  The pale moon of Kingdom Hearts would give off just the slightest reflected light on these cold corridors; it was the only thing keeping one from tripping over their own feet on the way to the bathroom.
The hour was very late; most had gone to sleep hours be
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100 things--Org. 13
100 things you should never do if you join Org. Thirteen.
1. Never tell Xemnas his weapon is copyright of George Lucas.
2. Dont run around weilding Xemnas's 'lightsabers' yelling "LOL I R DARTH VADER!!"
3. Never, and I repeat, NEVER steal Xigbar's eyepatch.
4. In addition to number three, never steal his ponytail band.
5. Dont make fun of the scar, either.
6. Dont give Saix anything that involves dogs.
7. Dont tell Saix that he is a 'Xemnas-suck-up.'
8. Dont start bringing up Axel x Roxas things during a meeting.
9. Dont fall of your chair during a meeting.
10. Dont. Ever. Tell. Xemnas. About. His. Yaoi. Pairings.
11. Dont go trick-or-treating dressed as Saix.
12. Dont make fun of Demyx. (Ok... You can do this one for all anybody cares, actually.)
13. Dont dye Zexion's robes pink.
14. Dont bust into a random room, hug Zexion and yell 'Cheer up, Emo Kid!'
15. Never steal one of Xaldin's lances and stab a random person with it.
16. Dont bring animals into the castle.
17. Dont call everyo
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Name: Miera

Age: 19

Family: Bitterblue

Lover: Coal

Weapon: two daggers

Eyes: gold and yellow

Grace: she can shapeshift and can control fire

Outfit: black tunic black pants and black boots

Story: same as Bitterblue’s but adopted by Lek


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United States


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