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If Organization 13 Used AIM 3
16Massacrer2Bee has joined the room
LeadNobody#1:  Oh my god…
BobMarley#3:  Is that…?
Flower_Man11:  It is…! O.O
Tomahawk_Mann5: … lexah?
15WarriorFo’eSho has joined the room
15WarriorFo’eSho:  Sup guys?
16Massacrer2Bee:  Did you miss us?
FireFox888:  And now REXON?!
BobMarley#3:  *Dr. Pepper shoots out of nose*
1Gamblin_Gangsta0:  This is way too weird. >.>;
6Depressed_Not_Emo6:  Well, THAT’S a nice image, Xaldin. >.>;
SeniorMember444:  Two Nobodies with the ability to come back to life?! Forget the omelet girl! THIS is an experiment TRULY worthy of my expertise! >D
Flower_Man11:  Expertise? You wish. XD
SeniorMember444:  >.>
Water_Boi999:  I see dead people…!
Water_Boi999:  I mean… Uh…
Water_Boi999:  Nobodies! =O
12Psychotik4Life:  Now I’m confused, and that doesn’t h
:icon2foxxie4u:2Foxxie4U 160 114
Hidden Destiny
I've always caught him watching me,
But was never brave enough for my gaze to return.
I've always caught her studying me,
But was too afraid for what I might learn.
There was a time where I thought I could be a hero,
Like all those fantasy stories, books, and tales.
There was a time where I thought I could be a chosen one,
As it was in those legends with hidden details.
Yet I was wrong,
In a way that I could never have even feared.
Yet I was wrong,
For I can never be something that is revered.
Deep inside me there does indeed sleep,
A power to be revealed.
Deep inside me there does indeed sleep,
A power that was once sealed.
Those who had watched  me,
Whose intentions I believed to be kind.
Those who had watched me,
Who secretly plotted with deceptive mind.
I never even fathomed their scheme,
Until the final hour was at hand.
I never even fathomed their scheme,
Until I met the true evil of the land.
Their betrayal hurt like knives to the heart,
:iconclarixx:Clarixx 4 3
For Seifer Lovers
You were walking through Twilight Town, just looking around at the scenery. You were walking around the place where Seifer and his gang usually hung out, hoping to catch a glimpse of the attractive blonde. You had first seen with when he was with his gang, and they were all up in Hayner's face about something. Probably something stupid, as both leader's gangs were eyeing each other with a 'Sorry about him.' Kind of look.
But whatever the reason, you had been right in front of Seifer, and had gotten a good look at him. You thought his eyes were the most beautiful shade of cerulean you'd ever seen, and you had just stared at him as he and Hayner yelled and fought. You'd immediately had a crush on him, and you loved him, from his enormous combat boots to the scar that ran across his face.
You even caught yourself staring at his exposed stomach whenever you saw him, and every time you did, you'd think 'Oh! Why does he have to wear his shirt like that! He's so hot! Wait, why am I complai
:iconmarluxiasutcliff116:MarluxiaSutcliff116 66 18
For Vanitas Lovers
You had just woken up in the Keyblade Graveyard, completely confused on how you got there in the first place until you saw Master Xehanort and his apprentice Vanitas come through a portal of darkness. Your head hurt like hell, and the creepiness of the master and masked boy didn't help one bit. It wasn't until you looked at Xehanort straight in the eye that you remembered that he was your master and had knocked you out for not using the darkness. You were on the very edge of your control as the dark mass started surrounding you, your eyes starting to turn into that golden amber color because of your anger at the master and his damn apprentice for not even attempting to help you. Master Xehanort smirked at you, while Vanitas just stared at you.
"Very well done, _______. I see that you have finally realized that darkness is the only way for you," Xehanort said while walking around you, looking up and down, that evil smirk never leaving his face. Your eyes were now that amber color instea
:iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 92 11
For Sora Lovers
You were walking around the beach when your best friends Sora, Riku, and Kairi had tackled you, making you fall flat on your face. When you lifted your head, you spit out the sand that had gotten into your mouth, making the three friends laugh. Then you tried squirming out of the bottom but their combined weights were too heavy for you. You had managed to say, "Can you. . . get off now. . . I can't. . . breathe. . ."
Kairi got off and then helped Sora up, Riku getting off from on top of you as soon as Sora was off of him. Sora helped you up and gave you his goofy grin, making you finally smile. Riku rolled his eyes at the two of you before he was smacked upside the head by Kairi.
"Ow, first ______, now you too, Kairi," Riku yelled while rubbing his head.
"Hey, I only smack you when you start overdoing being a smart ass," you said while crossing your arms.
"Why did you smack Riku, Kairi," Sora asked.
"Oh, just testing out something," Kairi said, "Anyway, I gotta get home. See ya la
:iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 102 11
For Saix Lovers
    You sigh, sitting on the Organization couch, bored out of your mind. Of all the days that you were actually able to come and visit, it had to be on the day when everyone, except Xemnas, was out on a mission. You bury your face in your hands, trying to think of a way to spend five hours alone in the castle. Well, alone except for Xemnas, but he doesn't really count in your eyes.
    "Is something wrong?" A familiar voice asks, and you look up to see Saix standing across the room from you. "Saix!" You exclaim, happy to see someone aside from Xemnas around. "Yes?" He answers, raising a brow. You shrug and get up from the couch. "You wanna do something?"
    His brow goes higher. "You want to do something . . . with me?" You nod. "Well you wouldn't have me spending all day alone, would you?" He crosses his arms, thinking. "No, I suppose I wouldn't." You giggle, pleased, and grab his hand, taking him to your gummi ship.
:iconrememberthetwilight:RememberTheTwilight 148 174
The village stood dead silent, just as it had the day she'd left. The dirt road that ran through her former home held no human tracks, only animals and a few undistinguishable ones. Dead, rotting leaves covered the road and roofs of uninhabited houses.
"Welcome home." She whispered quietly to herself. She hadn't been here in nearly two years, not since it happened…
She glanced at her companion, a tall young man in a black trench coat that hid most of his distinguishing features, including a set of kunai across his chest. His dark silver hair was slightly damp from the light rain falling down on them. His crimson eyes studied the abandoned village. "I'll be back in a few minutes." She told the former mercenary in a soft tone. He looked at her and nodded.
She took light, quick steps as she made her way to the house nearest to them, her house. It was just as she'd left it. The couch in the living room still had the soft throw pillows she and her father had once had pillows fights with, th
:iconanimegirl13:AnimeGirl13 1 3
Ye Old 1 in 13. by Mushroom-Jelly Ye Old 1 in 13. :iconmushroom-jelly:Mushroom-Jelly 148 89 Org13- LOL's by BeagleTsuin Org13- LOL's :iconbeagletsuin:BeagleTsuin 638 98 Fire by skellingt0n Fire :iconskellingt0n:skellingt0n 28 14
Pain in the Axel ch 1
It was dark; that deep void that can only come from the late hours of the night. Nobody could have seen in that kind of darkened veil that had fallen over the castle. And nobody in his or her right mind would have wanted to. One would normally think grim darkness of the World that Never Was would remain a constant through out the hours, but this was not true.  Only the inhabitants of such a world could understand what true darkness the night held in such a place.  It's icy fingers reached into every inch of the land shadowing everything it touched in a sort of abyss that would make one feel like they'd never see the light again.  This was the true reason the castle had halls of white marble.  The pale moon of Kingdom Hearts would give off just the slightest reflected light on these cold corridors; it was the only thing keeping one from tripping over their own feet on the way to the bathroom.
The hour was very late; most had gone to sleep hours be
:icondragonnova:dragonnova 992 176
100 things--Org. 13
100 things you should never do if you join Org. Thirteen.
1. Never tell Xemnas his weapon is copyright of George Lucas.
2. Dont run around weilding Xemnas's 'lightsabers' yelling "LOL I R DARTH VADER!!"
3. Never, and I repeat, NEVER steal Xigbar's eyepatch.
4. In addition to number three, never steal his ponytail band.
5. Dont make fun of the scar, either.
6. Dont give Saix anything that involves dogs.
7. Dont tell Saix that he is a 'Xemnas-suck-up.'
8. Dont start bringing up Axel x Roxas things during a meeting.
9. Dont fall of your chair during a meeting.
10. Dont. Ever. Tell. Xemnas. About. His. Yaoi. Pairings.
11. Dont go trick-or-treating dressed as Saix.
12. Dont make fun of Demyx. (Ok... You can do this one for all anybody cares, actually.)
13. Dont dye Zexion's robes pink.
14. Dont bust into a random room, hug Zexion and yell 'Cheer up, Emo Kid!'
15. Never steal one of Xaldin's lances and stab a random person with it.
16. Dont bring animals into the castle.
17. Dont call everyo
:iconnaruto-fangirl9:Naruto-Fangirl9 331 231


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Name: Miera

Age: 19

Family: Bitterblue

Lover: Coal

Weapon: two daggers

Eyes: gold and yellow

Grace: she can shapeshift and can control fire

Outfit: black tunic black pants and black boots

Story: same as Bitterblue’s but adopted by Lek


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United States


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