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Realistic Foam Wings Tutorial

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The white foam wings shown are here: [link] and are by ~Bladespark

If you use this tutorial please link to what you make. Also feel free to ask questions if anyone is confused.
I hope it helps.
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I think this helped me understand how to draw wings better than the actual 'how to draw wings' tutorial I found before. :)
Trey-Shyguy's avatar
Yes!!! Finally! Now I can finally put together the final pieces to my costume!
Catpensive's avatar
LOVE it! so helpful! :D and i find them very aesthetic. question, do you know their durability? like if i wore them to a con you think i'd get bumped into and them hurt?
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Do you think that this same tactic could work at least fairly well for articulated wings? (About a wingspan of 9 feet or so)
Kairakoi's avatar
Thank you! I have been looking everywhere for a tutorial like this. I find wings terrifyingly complicated. I started on a mini pair similar to these last night for practice. Thank you! I can't favorite this enough.
MoonRidder's avatar
Awesome thank you so much for the tutorial I just busted out a pair of these in about a day and they look amazing!!
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
I'm glad it managed to help you! Lately, I've been worried I should redo it because it was made a long time ago and I feel I could explain the process more easily now, but I'm very happy it still helps people!
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How do you attach these to some sort of harness? X3
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
I'd say to just use hot glue. I don't have a tutorial on how to make a harness, nor do I know the best way, but you can probably find a tutorial for one, or a tutorial that has one, and just glue them onto it. If you ignore that 4.5 step the wings will still be stable enough to just glue flat onto something.
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From 7 years of hot glue experience, just as long as it's not PVC, wood, etc, regular hot glue should stick perfectly fine. However, if it is, then there is a type of hot glue that is made to stick to plastics, wood, etc. You can find it anywhere really. I found some at my local Wal-Mart.
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What size was the original craft foam, if you'd remember? And you said you got this in-store at Michael's, right? (I'm sorry, I've been dying to try and find larger craft foam sheets, but I've never done this before D'x)
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
I think it was something like 12"x18" something like that. and yes, i found it at Michael's. In the isle with all the felt and most of the kid's crafts. Hobby lobby might have it too, but i haven't looked for it there so don't take my word for it
Naked-toes's avatar
This'll be great for the Good Omens cosplays my girlfriend and I are planning. Thanks!
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
no problem, glad it could help! if anything gets confusing feel free to ask and i'll do my best to clear it up
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: O!!!

I can be Maximum Ride with these wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
i'll be honest, i don't know who Maximum Ride is, but i'm glad it can help uwu
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Awesome. Great tutorial. 
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
thank you. i've been meaning to redo it so makes more sense, but i just don't have the material or the time lately
ZyuTheLast's avatar
Doesn't the other side look messy?
Can the wire bend and not ruin the wings?
Zexion-the-gamer's avatar
you're basically making four sets of wings. You'll glue two together to hide the wire, and where you glued the feathers on. Just make sure to layer the second half of the wing's feathers correctly so you can hide the messyness.

The wire is more to keep the foam stable because otherwise they are very flimsy and flop around a lot. You can bend the wings a bit, but they wont bend quite like actual wings. I never bent the wire in mine, so I can't tell you how exactly it makes them look, sorry.
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Oh I see, so two arms, two coverlettes and one set of pointers that stick out like lettuce in a sandwich?
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