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TNK Chapter Six
Chapter Six
In the Dark Kingdom's castle…
D, although the pain in his dislocated shoulder was killing him, was carrying Violet through the castle to the infirmary, his pendent clutched in his one hand. He would have put it back around his neck, but the chain was broken.
"Mfm… ow…" Violet mumbled, shifting slightly in D's arms.
"Don't worry Princess, everything's okay." D said reassuringly.
"What happened?" Violet asked, trying to distract herself  from the pain in her side.
"Koo~ Koopive!" D was about to start explaining when he walked into the infirmary and saw Koopive talking to the nurse.
"Ah, D! Thank goodness! I was about to comeback to get the Princess!" Koopive said. D blinked in confusion as Koopive turned back to the nurse. "I was patrolling Twilight Town when I found the Princess, just as you see her now." He said. The nurse quickly directed for D to place Violet on the bed.
"Princess, are you awake?" The nurse asked quietly. Violet nodded slightly.
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TNK Chapter Five
Chapter Five
In Twilight Town…
Violet appeared in a small ally way in Twilight Town. It was in the middle of the day, so the small town square was bustling with business.
"That could have went more smoothly…" She said quietly to herself. In her hands, she held two badges. With a sigh, she pushed them into her bag and walked out into the open. As she walked slowly through the small town, she put a hand up to where that other princess had her arm wrapped around her neck. It was sore, and she knew that she'd soon have bruises. After realizing that, her hand traveled down, and she pulled D's pendent from beneath her cloak.
"Load of luck you were…" She told it before tucking it back in her shirt.
"Princess?" A voice asked from behind. She turned and saw, to her immense relief, D striding towards her.
"D!" She smiled. He walked right up to her, and saw the bruises right above her collar bone.
"What happened?" He demanded, his voice full of seriousness.
"Why Princess! Wer
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Tnk Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Luigi and Toadette made good time in getting back to the castle. Just as they reached the door, Luigi stopped.
"Luigi?" Toadette asked. Said plumber gulped.
"Yes?" He asked.
"Are you okay?" She asked. Luigi closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and nodded, strolling right up to the doors and throwing them open. Bowser was in the entrance hall, looking bored. Toadsworth and Kammy Koop, on the other hand…
"I tell you, his moodiness is here only to talk to that blasted plumber!" Kammy Koop yelled.
"Now see here! I don't believe any of this tish-tosh! Where are Princesses Peach and Daisy?" Toadsworth yelled back.
"Who's this 'Princess Daisy', anyway?" Bowser asked. Kammy Koop flew over to him.
"The one who punched you, your grunginess, when you tried to steal a star from her and Mario." She whispered in his ear.
"OH! HER!" Bowser yelled, his anger skyrocketing at the memory from that particular party… "When I find her again~!"
"You won't do anything to he
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TNK Chapter Three
Chapter Three
Back in the Mushroom Kingdom…
Luigi calmly straightened up the house, trying to stay quiet so as to let Mario sleep… even though he knew his brother could sleep through anything short of an earthquake at the moment…
Just as the plumber was sitting down to take a break, the doorbell rang, causing him to nearly jump out of his skin. "C-coming!" He called, still slightly shaken as he walked over to and opened the door.
"Hi Luigi!" Daisy smiled. Luigi blinked in surprise at seeing not only her, but also Princess Peach standing at the door.
"Um… hi! Come in!" He stammered, backing quickly from the door to allow the ladies to come in.
"How's Mario?" Was the first thing that came out of Peach's mouth.
"He's okay. Asleep, just as the doctor said he should be."
"That's good." Daisy stated as Princess Peach swiftly walked back to Mario's room. Luigi opened his mouth, about to tell her that she might want to wait a bit, but then gave up the idea. Daisy noticed an
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TNK Chapter 2
Chapter Two
Else Where, far beyond the Mushroom Kingdom...
A young girl, about the age of sixteen, walked through a large castle. This castle was extremely different then that of the Mushroom Kingdom for it was made of what looked to be black marble, and had many spindly turrets. A full moon rose behind it, glowing blood red, and it sat upon a high hill, by its self.
The girl looked as though she fit in perfectly with this gothic castle. Her skin was a deathly white color, which contrasted greatly with her raven black hair. Her hair in itself was very long and thick. Her eyes glowed and bright yellow, and her pupil was a cat like slit. She even had claws, fangs, wolf ears, and a wolf tail.
Currently, she was creeping down a stair case that lead to the inner depth of the castle, and the archives, carrying a black candle whose flame was a low purple.
"Princess Violet! You know it is forbidden to enter the castle archives." A gravely voice said from behind the dark princess. She turned to
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TNK Chapter One
Chapter One
Sixteen Years Later
"Hey, Mario, do you know where my bag went?" Luigi asked, walking into his older brother's room. The two were getting ready for a well deserved vacation at the beach, along with Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Toadsworth, for, of course, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom goes no where without her caretaker (and not by her choice).
"I don't know. Did you check your room?" Mario asked, emptying his own bag. Although he's been on many different journeys in his time, he'd never had time to pack his bag, so it still had stuff in it from the last time he used it, about eleven years ago. In fact, he had forgotten why he had even used it.
"Yes!" Luigi called back as he turned and walked out of Mario's room. "Maybe it's in the hall closet…" He sighed.
"Yeah, may~ OW!" Mario's hand snapped back out of his bag, and he looked at it. His hand had brushed something sharp in his bag, and there was a shallow cut across the palm of his hand, oozing blood. Mar
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The New Kingdom Prologue
"Boys, don't go to far!" A woman called, watching as her oldest son darted outside, dragging his younger brother behind him.
"Mario, we have to bring Domino too!" The younger of the two boys said, slipping out of the boy in red's grip and darting back inside.
"But Luigi! I don't feel like watching him!" Mario whined. Their mother shook her head at her oldest son. Mario, as the oldest, was ten years old, and Luigi was eight. Her youngest, Domino, was just two years old.
"Fine. I will." Luigi turned and faced his brother, his eyes fierce. Luigi loved to involve his younger brother in everything, even when his older brother was against it.
"Fine…" Mario grumbled, stomping out of the house. Luigi smiled at Domino as he picked him up and followed Mario.
Mario ran around the front yard with a couple of his friends from around the Mushroom Kingdom, while Luigi sat on the front porch, playing with Domino.
"Hey Mario, why don't we include your brothers?" The only girl, Paulina
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Riku and Xion by Zexion-Tamer Riku and Xion :iconzexion-tamer:Zexion-Tamer 43 15 The Dalphia by Zexion-Tamer The Dalphia :iconzexion-tamer:Zexion-Tamer 0 0 The Time Mage by Zexion-Tamer The Time Mage :iconzexion-tamer:Zexion-Tamer 1 0 The Spirit Hunter by Zexion-Tamer The Spirit Hunter :iconzexion-tamer:Zexion-Tamer 0 0
The Keyblade CH II
Roan: Okay, chapter two! WOO! We’re on a roll here!
D.M: Is Sky still looking up stuff on
Roan: Nope. Now she’s…. wait… what is she doing?
D.M: Um… I don’t know…
Roan: Oh, wait, she’s talking to one of her friends : )
Chapter Two: Prophecy
“So, what kind of metal are we looking for?” David asked as the three of us walked along a path that was bordered on one side by a rock face, and on the other side by grass that slanted gently downward to the edge of a very large lake. Dante, who was walking ahead of us, glanced out at the volcano that rose out of the water, the light breeze playing with his brown hair.
“An exceedingly rare metal called ‘silver iron’.” He answered.  
“Silver iron!?” I exclaimed, looking at him with wide eyes. He nodded in
an almost grim like way.
“But… that’s more rare then Wood iron!” Dav
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The Keyblade CH I
Roan: Okay, here’s chapter 1. Enjoy!
D.M: Square Enix owns the concept and everything we DIDN’T make up!
Roan: “We”?
D.M: Um… hehe… enjoy!
Chapter One: The Healer’s Apprentice
“Hey David, no cheating!” I yelled as I raced after the boy. He just laughed and put in another spurt of speed.
“Stupid prince and his stupid Haste Spell.” I mumbled. Well, heh, two could play at that game! I spotted a rock sticking up next to the path, and, without breaking stride, I veered so that I could jump up onto it.
Then, jumping again, this time forward, I snapped out my wings, all fourteen feet of white, feathery fun, and power stroked until I was just above the boy.
“Boo.” I said, causing him to jump and look up.
“Hey, no flying!” He yelled at me, and I just stuck my tongue out.
“Real mature, Angel!” A voice from ahead of us said. I looked up and saw ano
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The Keyblade Prologue
Roan: Okay, in an attempt to find something to cosplay for Zenkaikon, Skyline turned to me, her muse, for help. So, I did what I do best! Came up with an original character! Angel. A KH OC from billions of years before the events of Birth By Sleep. This is her story, and how she’s important to the plot of the KH games.
D.M: --looking around-- Where’s Sky, anyways?
Roan: Browsing the Hot Topic site for parts of Angel’s outfit. I don’t think she’s going to work on this that much, with her other two fic, so I figured I’d type this up myself.
D.M: Oh, joy…
Hello. My name is Angel. I used to be an average Healer’s apprentice. Healer’s heal (of course), but they also have visions, and make prophecies. The prophecy I made during my apprentice ship was a great, and grave one. If it had not been fulfilled, let’s just say that darkness would have covered all the worlds.
Here, let me tel
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Sam Manson by Zexion-Tamer Sam Manson :iconzexion-tamer:Zexion-Tamer 1 0
Nap time
Demyx yawned, stretching.
“Sometimes, I really hate T.V. There’s never anything to watch on the two-thousand plus channels we have!” He exclaimed, going back to flicking through the channels.
“I know. Sometimes, I think they do it to us purposely!” I exclaimed, slumping down on the couch and yawning myself, trying to keep my eyelids from drooping. Demyx laughed.
“Yeah. Wonder if they have a reason behind it.” He joked.
“It’s so they can melt your brains and then suck them out your ears using straws!” A voice yelled from behind us as a pair of hands suddenly dropped onto the top of Demyx’s mullet, causing him to scream like a little girl, dive off of the couch, and hid beneath the coffee table. I burst into laughter, sliding off of the couch and onto the floor.
“Hey, heh, thanks for the seat!” I looked up in time to see one of my closest friends, Axel, jump over the back of the couch and lounge across it, stretching out. M
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