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Nanuqsaurus hoglundi

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Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, un petit Tyrannosauridae proche de Tyrannosaurus qui a été découvert dans la Formation de Prince Creek, en Alaska. Ce Dinosaure vivait au Maastrichien inférieur, donc à la fin du Crétacé, c'est l'un des rares Dinosaures à avoir été trouvé a ces latitudes. Sa taille est estimée à environ 6 mètres de long, on ne peut pas vraiment le dire avec précision car il n'est connu que par un crâne partiel, mais on sait que c'était déjà un adulte au moment de sa mort.
Malgré sa petite taille (et la présence de très gros Troodontidae en Alaska), c'était probablement le prédateur alpha de ces régions polaires.
Certainement à cause de son nom (Nanuqsaurus signifie "Reptile ours polaire") et du fait qu'il vivait si loin au Nord, la plupart des gens le colorient en blanc, ou a dominance blanche, mais moi j'ai voulu me la péter et jouer à l'original en le coloriant en gris avec des motifs noirs et marrons, et une queue orange.

Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, a small Tyrannosaurid close to Tyrannosaurus who was discovered in the Prince Creek Formation, in Alaska. This Dinosaur lived in the early Maastrichian, by the end of the Cretaceous, it's one of the rare Dinosaurs that was discovered at these latitudes. Its size it estimated at about 6 meters long, we can't really say its exact length with precision because it is known only by a partial skull, but we know that it was fully grown at the moment of its death.
Despite its small size (and also despite the precense of very large Troodontids in Alaska), it was likely the apex predator of these polar regions.
Certainly because of its name (Nanuqsaurus means "Polar bear reptile") and the fact that it lived so far in the North, most people color it in white, or with a white dominance, but I wanted to show off and brag about my originality by coloring its feathers in grey with black and brown patterns, and an orange tail.
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Set the trend! ;D
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
Bearded Dinosaurs ftw! :)
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look's like my dog.
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
Just don't try to pet this thing, it can be dangerous.
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Wait... Look the size scale...
Humans can ride that thing ! TyranoHorse dream finally proven possible ! XD

On the serious side this colors are actually possible it still can comuflage itself and probably hunted at rocky/forested areas; its possible it never go to ice
So the only problem here are the giant troodon subspecies that are possible pain to that tyrannosaur species
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
Let's make Tyrannosaurs races!

I don't really know if there were massive amount of snow on the Polar circle during the Late Cretaceous but I don't think so, so a pure white plumage seems somewhat off to me.

By the way Nanuqsaurus is not a species, it's a genus, the species is Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, (even if it's correct here because N. hoglundi is the only species of this genus) but I guess you already knew that, it's just that the way you used the word here can lead people to think that it is in fact nammed Tyrannosaurus hoglundi, same for the Troodon subspecies, as the actual species of these arctic Troodons (even the genus, as I know) is not confirmed yet, the subspecies is not even a thing. :)
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Lol ! :D

Well; there are several (scaly) hadrosaus were found in very close to polar circle (like Alaska & Canada) so I am not very sure if it get colder; too; but even in the most 'warmerst' climate those regions still take an amount of Snow storms in winter; so maybe something like Snow Fox do; white in winter; brown in summer (?) Even modern avians do it; So I don't see any reason why not

Well its for certain Troodons subspecies will confirmed; eventually. As there is an immense size difference between normal\mainstream and alaskan troodon.
(One has the size of a small dog - large cat; the other had the size of a large Dog - small pony !)
Quite True for Nanuqsaurus
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hey zewgt i was wondering if you can fleshed out dinobots
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
I can, but I don't want to... I don't like Transformers...
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well that sucks
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
Awesome! :D
I like, how you made it look more kitty, than beary. ;)
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, a snow leopard dino rather than a polar bear one. :)
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BionicleSaurusHobbyist Photographer
Very well done. Will you be doing other tyrannosaurs? I'd love to see an Alioramus or an Appalachiosaurus.
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
I guess I will make Alio or Appa one day or another! :)
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
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I have to tickle his little beard :love:
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
Be careful, it bites! X)
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Argh, my hand! D:
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
No, your entire arm! Creepy stare 
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Holy Jesus, that is the most terrifying face ever ._.
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ZeWqtHobbyist General Artist
I know :XD:
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Omg so fluffy and realistic ;D It's amazinggg! :love:
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