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Goodbye Deviantart

Its been a fun 3-4 years but it's time for me to move away from this platform. As always, my art will continue to hit Patreon first: https://www.patreon.com/fishflavored and then I will focus on using twitter for my free/public platform: https://twitter.com/FishFlavored I'll keep this account up so people can still see old art that's been posted but I won't be posting anything new after this journal. If you want to keep up with me I'd recommend twitter, but I will say I'm done with force feeding, inflation, expansion, rapid weightgain etc. It was never my fetish and after a year straight of crippling art-block I've decided fuck it, I wanna draw my own kinks. I will still draw chubby and fat women because they are hot, but I'm walking away from the food obsession aspect of the whole thing. My future will have more thighs ass and tits. maybe some furry anthro stuff, idk. Goin' with the flow. To the fans who were kind and respectful, those who stuck with me for years (I'd recognize

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A family Story

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Me And The Girls At Pride 2022

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Exploring in Marriage

“Your sure you want to try this?” Evan looked at his wife Kate. “Yeah. It seems like a lot more fun than those other kinks we tried.” Evan kept scrolling. “You do realize that a lot of these women are-” “I know, I know. This is next on our list so we just have to give it a shot.” Evan sighed, then grabbed his keys. “Chocolate or vanilla?” Kate thought for a moment. “Get one of each. That way we have options.” He kissed her as he left. As he drove to the store, Kate kept doing research on this whole… kink. She loved Evan, they were high school sweethearts who married after college. But in their mid 30’s they both agreed things had… stagnated a bit in certain places. Seeking a sex counselor, she recommended they explore if any of them had kinks. At first that had been offensive to the midwestern sheltered couple, but they agreed to give that a try. They had tried kinks all the way from A - E, and had both agreed to never speak of them again. But the next kink they

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For The Love Of Stomachs

For The Love of Stomachs Jennifer lay on the bed, Theodore lying beside her. Above her, stars twinkled. They weren't real, she knew. The room was unlike any other, the mural of the night and day wrapping around it, slowly, almost imperceptibly moving along the walls. The moon's appearance changed each night. She looked up at the stars, dull light flitting down upon her. The soft silk sheets that lay upon her were ruffled as Theodore turned, rolling onto his stomach. She turned and looked at him for a moment, smiling. They had made love. It was beautiful, almost transcendent. She had had sex before, but this was different. His passion, his

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Steam Knight Lancelot


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How's school?

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From Cascade to Catalyst

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Tactical Mermaid

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