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United Kingdom
My profile picture made by
:iconsythgara: :D
Zevrant-Bapt commission by Sythgara

Hiya, I'm Zev, pretty new to drawing so I'm all about trying to get better with my artwork one picture at a time.

I like to work on a full drawing rather than doodle smaller things, sometimes the drawings come out better than expected and other times I just don't like them, but that's all the process of learning isn't it.

Currently I draw using sketching pencils but I colour my art with my computer so my artwork is kind of a mix of traditional and digital.

My current motivation for drawing is to get my characters and stories in my head out and written down/drawn. For a long time I've wanted to draw my characters and thought to myself that I just don't have the skill to draw. Recently my want to draw them exceeded the reluctance due to drawing skill and so here I am.


Ferna Solain - Side Profile
Just a quick drawing of Ferna from the side without her helmet.
Drakean females have either fins or frills instead of horns. Only the males exclusively have horns.
Ferna as you can see has frills, in my original face drawing of her I put a lot more detail into scales on the frills that ultimately didn't look very good so I just went with simple this time.

She looks kind of bored, doesn't she?
Hiera Nolayne - Dualistic Fortune
Finally got to drawing another character. The second I coloured those stripes on the legwear I regretted drawing them but too late to change that now. Should have tried a similar design as the top I think. First time trying to draw an older character as well as feet.

Character profile:
Name: Hiera Nolayne
Race: Drakean
Age: 70 (1520 PY)
Height: 5'7"
Gender: Female
Aether type: Wind (Gale and Tension style)
Occupation: Fortune-teller
Skills: Reading social cues, Haggling, Gambling
Hometown: Gussar Village

A resident of Gussar Village and a Drakean that everyone in the village knows, Hiera is the type of person who says exactly what is on their mind should it be relevant. She knows what she wants and will say what she needs to to get her point across, though she doesn't tend to be harsh in her words.

Many also describe her as a very shrewd Drakean, she has for a long time been a Fortune-teller in Gussar Village and as such also ends up being someone who people tend to open up to.

Gussar Village itself is another simple village alike Talvale, though rather than being near a forest it is on the border of hills and mountains and a lot of its trade comes from mining. Gussar Village will often trade metals and ores with Talvale village for wood and other forest-based materials.

Hiera lives alone at her home in Gussar Village but she does have a 30-year old daughter called Aria who also lives in the village and aims to become a Fortune-teller like her mother. The two are still close and always see each other most days.
Hiera also has another daughter in her 40s, Hallie Nolayne, but she hasn't been heard from since she left the village 20 years back aiming to be a trader.

Hiera had a husband, Barle Nolayne, he was a loving husband who worked hard as a miner for his family. Sadly, 8 years ago an accident happened in the mining tunnels, one of the support beams failed and the tunnel collapsed. He didn't make it out alive.
Hiera was distraught but support from the villagers she had aided on many occassions helped her get back on her feet.

As a Fortune-teller Hiera's main form is using divining cards to predict futures, people often talk about their lives when she is reading their fortunes so she ends up becoming someone people confide in, years of doing this have made her well acquainted with giving people advice and sharpening her ability to read social cues.
This ability also leads her to being very effective in gambling, she has a good poker-face but can pick up the smaller cues that others may not show on their face.

One last little fun note, as a Wind Drakean she can create small spikes of gravity, one thing she likes to do is create a small area of gravity under herself so she semi-levitates, though she keeps her tail and a foot on the floor to keep balance.
Sometimes people ask her to do it to them so they can try and more often than not they aren't used to the imbalanced gravity and fall flat on their backs which offers a small amount of amusement to Hiera.
Ferna Solain - Noble Adventurer
I spent way longer on this piece than I did any of my others. Overall very happy with it. Little bits and pieces I think might have gone better but nothing that glaringly makes me want to change it.
Also behold my new art signature, much better than just writing out "Zevrant Bapt" on everything.

Character profile:
Name: Ferna Senn Solain
Race: Drakean
Age: 21 (1520 PY)
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Female
Aether type: Fire (Sear and Combust style)
Occupation: Adventurer
Skills: Gemsmithing, Botany, Notable Listening & Memory
Hometown: Desert City of Solain

A noble from the Desert City of Solain, Ferna is a confident and passionate Drakean with personal goal of travelling as much of the world as she can. Though she is a noble she doesn't tend to view herself as above others and sees herself and other Drakeans more on what they do and how they act. Though she does tend to take on a regal air if she gets flustered, which does happen somewhat often.

Ferna is the daughter of the city's ruler. Her close family consisting of her father Volcé, her mother Leira and her 3-years-younger brother Kairud. The Solain family hearkens back to the days of the Pyurans first appearance and were the main settlers who established the beginnings of the city.

The city itself is one of the largest settlements in the world, with grand stone walls surrounding the entire city. Clear streams of water constantly flow throughout the city and plenty of desert-based vegetation and plant life thrive. The ruler's palace resides in the direct centre of the city.
The city always has a great gathering of Drakeans from all over the Pyrus continent travelling as merchants or looking to improve their skills and trades. Solain City is well connected with most of the settlements on the continent though is still looking to make connections with those residing on bordering continents such as the Sarusaran continent.

Ferna spent much of her childhood within the Solain palace where she was tutored in various subjects. Though her brother excelled more at studies, Ferna herself took more interest in practical subjects becoming quite skilled in crafting jewellery and working with plants. She also quickly became experienced with swordfighting, a trait she shares with her father.

Once Ferna was 18 she decided to start her journey as an adventurer, she travels the continent discovering what she can and lending assistance to those who require it. She finds many interesting objects and materials on her travels which helps fund further travel and makes for interesting souvenirs when she returns home each month.

Ferna's last visit home ended quite badly as for some odd reason her father had locked down the palace forbidding anyone from entering and any attempts at trying to find out why led to nothing, her brother claiming that their parents were ill and keeping others from being affected.

Ferna thought this behaviour was far too strange to be just for an illness, knowing she wasn't going to get any more answers in the city she left to find other nobles from different settlements to see if they knew anything.
Her current leads sending her to find the noble Toln Gussar in Gussar Village, a fairly out-of-the-way village with the other closest settlement being Talvale Village.
Meridia's Beacon
I drew a comic~ It's the Argonian version of my Argent Bapt character and his meeting with the infamous Meridia's Beacon.

(The Dragonspeak word he said was FUS)
Aether of the Drakean World
My ideas about the 8 magical elements of the Drakean world.
The magic is split in to 4 segments, with Fire and Ice in Temperature, Wind and Earth in Gravity, Lightning and Water in Matter and Light and Dark in Energy.

After-post edit: I realise that I've mispelled aether as sether in the Light section and forgot the s on comes in the Dark section.


No journal entries yet.


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