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Argent's Scar - Defending Family (By Starfall) :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 3 0
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Argent Nude :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 1 2
'Fabulous is what I do, darling.' by Zevrant-Bapt 'Fabulous is what I do, darling.' :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 4 0 Chibi Argent by Zevrant-Bapt Chibi Argent :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 2 0 Chibi Zevrant by Zevrant-Bapt Chibi Zevrant :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 2 0 Ferna Solain - Side Profile by Zevrant-Bapt Ferna Solain - Side Profile :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 1 0 Hiera Nolayne - Dualistic Fortune by Zevrant-Bapt Hiera Nolayne - Dualistic Fortune :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 2 0 Ferna Solain - Noble Adventurer by Zevrant-Bapt Ferna Solain - Noble Adventurer :iconzevrant-bapt:Zevrant-Bapt 1 0


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Zevrant-Bapt's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm Zev, a hobbyist artist and art commissioner.

I am mostly more active over on FurAffinity but I still upload my personal arts here whenever I get in the mood to draw.…

Here you'll find mostly reptiles, my OCs known as a race called Drakean, lizard people with elemental abilities and a sexual dimorphism in the form of frills and fins on females, horns and feathers on males.

My old drawings were traditional and digitally coloured, over time I slowly moved to digital and now I draw using a tablet and Clip Studio Paint.

My profile picture made by
:iconsythgara: :D
Zevrant-Bapt commission by Sythgara


The Rowdy Bat, Zirkah
A friend of mine inspired me to make a bat character of my own in a similar design vein to his own, I got really motivated to make it and so I did~

Here's Zirkah, my own rowdy bat character!
An Invite to Dance
Some friends of mine had this drawing challenge of putting in 2 characters each, swapping them around and each artist drawing the 2 shipped characters they got.
I got Esperante (the dinosaur) and Hawala (The hybrid) of my friends :iconsteg-van-dak: and :iconstarfallhybrid:

I have the most to learn out of the artists that participated so this was a big lesson for me with my first time drawing multiple characters in the same piece and drawing other peoples characters too.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out especially with my first time lining bodies digitally.
Kairud Sayl Solain Headshot
Another of my characters and this time it's Ferna's younger brother Kairud.
A pompous and condescending nobleman who believes himself far more intelligent and important than others, he's not physically strong but he has the intellect to back up his claims.
Scarred Avento Tedaris
So~ In my planned story I decided that Avento gets himself stuck deep in some bandit in-fighting and as a result he gets slashed across his eye with a blade.

As it heals up his vision doesn't return in his right eye, permanently blinded in it.
Argent's Scar - Defending Family (By Starfall)
A great piece I commissioned :iconstarfallhybrid: for of when Argent got his scar.

Story is written by me

It was just a regular day in Talvale village, 18 year-old Argent was at work at his logging job and his 8 year-old sister Ellami was playing with her friends nearby the forest.

As they played they got into a 'friendly' bet of who could go further into the forest than the others... Ellami ambled far out of view of the others. Time passed and the children got more worried that she hadn't returned.
They ran off to the nearest adults, which were the loggers. The moment Argent heard Ellami hadn't returned from the forest he charged off in search despite the danger, his woodcutting axe gripped tight in hand.

In her lost wandering Ellami had stumbled upon an unfortunate scene, a sarden- 'Forest Beast' in Tribal Drakean- was on prowl for prey and its gaze had locked onto her.
A low growl emanated from the hulking creatures maw as it came nearer, fear encompassed Ellami's expression and she quickly dashed away from it. The sarden gave chase after her, the heavy pounding of its paws resounding off the ground.

Argent could now hear the commotion, sarden weren't quiet creatures and could easily be heard at a distance. He sped off in the direction of the noise.
Ellami was running for her life, her struggle to keep away from the ravenous beast was wearing on her. She ended up losing her footing and tripped, recovering from the impact she looked back to see that it's still in pursuit, in complete fear she pushes herself up against a nearby tree.
In that closing moment an angered shout is heard, the beast recoiled in pain. Argent is beside it, his woodcutting axe lodged in its side.

Argent withdrew the bloodied axe from it and threateningly wielded it in front of himself, the sarden now much more wary.
It struck forward with a clawed paw, he retreated back avoiding it, however it was getting closer to Ellami now.
Argent was running out of options, he slashed at its head, missing. It quickly clawed at him, gashing its 4 claws across his left arm.
He roared in pain, in an adrenaline-filled rush he ripped the axe into the side of the sarden's neck. It cut deep and it fell limp on its side.

Argent was now breathing heavily, his attention fixed on the dead animal assuring that it would no longer attack. He dropped his axe and gripped onto his wounded arm, blood trailing down over his hand. All the while Ellami was unreactive, in full shock of the event.
Some time passed as he adjusted to the injury, he turned to his sister cowering at the tree, kneeling down in front of her.
"Come on, Elly. Let's get away from here."
Her sight focused on him and she nodded slowly, staggering to her feet. Argent led her back out to the village, the clamouring voices of the villagers on seeing Argent's wound filled the air. He and Ellami were taken back to their home.

On entering, 16 year-old Zevrant was in the room, his expression immediately changing to a panicked worry on seeing his injured brother.
He quickly got up to Argent, asking him questions and bringing him to their bedroom, shouting for his mother Denna to bring the medical supplies.
Ellami sat herself on Zevrant's bed, watching as both he and their mother cleaned up Argent's wound and wrapped it in bandages.

They finished up on Argent's wound, though the amount of bleeding made him lightheaded and weary. Argent soon collapsed on his bed, alive but weak.
Ellami and Zevrant gave a quick show of alarm before Denna calmed them, assuring them he just needed rest.
Denna and Zevrant left the room to clean up any blood trails left in the house, Ellami approached the side of Argent's bed, putting her hand on his, tears welled up in her eyes.
"Arge.. I'm sorry.."


No journal entries yet.


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