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Sky high

By zevenstorms
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This piece was made =Dynnnad his contest.
The subject was to draw one of his pictures, i drew [link]

I was allowed to give it a bit of my own touch, so i did :)

(i used only my own brushes on this one)
Hope you all like it
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Cirius34 Digital Artist
nice job it's look like a picture
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Thanks, it was drawn from a picture (as you can see in the description)
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me-nj-ahStudent Digital Artist
Lol, you added sparkles XP

I like your smoky effects and lighting LD
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couldn't resist =p

Thanks dude :D
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vjptoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Dude! Awesome!! :wow: Haha, we always have this kinda airshow on our independence day, which is...tomorrow!!! :excited:
Btw, I really love the smoke! It almost looks like magic! :happycry:

Won the contest? ;)
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Thanks dude! :D
wow sounds fun :D, this was in holland but it was a special event :)
yeah i kinda add my own little style to the picture =p
nah i became 2nd, i always seem to become 2nd :(
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vjptoxHobbyist Digital Artist
What event, if I may ask? :confused: Too bad yesterday I didn't come to the airfield ^^; Damn, I've missed it :(

Awww...But you know, 2nd place isn't that bad :D Just like I've said, you're almost there! Wonder how does the 1st place look like :o
zevenstorms's avatar
An old army event, to respect the elder veterans :).
aw such a shame :(

yeah i hope =p
1st place was: [link]
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vjptoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, I could see that! ^^
Ow, sh*t...That painting almost looks like a photo! :o But seriously, your piece is not that different! :P You all did a good job!
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Yeah its a good one :D
And thanks man! :D
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lefty2009Hobbyist Writer
Bart! Op dit moment sta je tweede in de contest, die verdomde zwaan maakt het je moeilijk=P (Dat was niet beledigend bedoeld voor degene die de zwaan tekende, integendeel, boven Bart staan betekent heel wat, toch?=P) Misschien had je wat minder je "eigen touch" eraan moeten geven, of wat meer details in de vliegtuigen stoppen, zelfs als die niet op de foto te zien waren (again, a "contradictio in terminus"=p).

Hoop dat je alsnog wint!

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oh foutje :p ik zit op mn andere account XD
maar igg ik heb die zwaan gemaakt =P op mn andere account dan dus..
Lott-photo's avatar
lol dankje ;)
zevenstorms's avatar
ja ik heb het gezien =p
naja maakt mij opzich niks uit, het is voor de lol :)
dank je :D
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Katy-L-WoodProfessional General Artist
Very nice!
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Wow, that looks fantastic! It also resembles the original photo a lot, very good. ^^
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Dank je aniek :D
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Ardente-PajeroHobbyist General Artist
Hey man nice work, that little bit of your own touch works really well. Very different from most of your other stuff but I still really like it.
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Thanks man,
i just couldn't help it :innocent:
yeah, i don't draw from photo's often
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Ardente-PajeroHobbyist General Artist
That's coll, don't worry man that twist is just what the picture needed I think.:nod:
I thought so, I don't see many of you pieces as originally being photos.:giggle:
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Very well done :clap:
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Thanks dude :D
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