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Drawing clouds Brush

By zevenstorms
I got tired of using other peoples photo brushes for clouds or try to do it my self with crappy results.
So i invented this pack of brushes to still create my originally clouds but still get a beauty full and realistic effect.
(the brushes are a mix of different tutorials I followed)

If you know this problem and your seeking for an answer, here it is ^^
It contains:
1 Simple puffy cloud brush (creates a realistic cloud with every mouse click you make)
1 Puffy pen pressure cloud brush (simple cloud drawing)
1 Puffy colour cloud brush (If you want to make a cloud in a different colour)
4 Stroke cloud brushes (you can make everything with these, from clouds in the air to mist, to cloudy textures etc. etc.

I was using this for personal use but it seems that people seem to love brushes so i hope this will help you with creating your drawings more realistic.

To install download this file and place it in your /Program Files/ Adobe/ Adobe Photoshop CS3/Presets/Brushes
restart photoshop and it will be in your brushes list.

---------------Please Favourize this work if you want to download it---------------

Simple demonstration of the brushes [link]

The brushes are pretty big 500-600 pixels
The Brushes are for CS2 and CS3
(it seems to be having problems with 7.0 :O if some one has a PS 7.0 and the brushes work, please tell me)

If you have any questions or have a request please leave a messenge and i will try to help you as quick as possible
© 2008 - 2021 zevenstorms
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used it here.thank you for the stock
Battlefield by ryApache
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Iardacil's avatar
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Thanks a lot, those brushes are really handy!
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Used here: I'll Never Love Again by Iardacil

Thank you :)
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I feel like this brushset is my current "solves all the problems" set. I seem to use it in every image I have been making. Thank you so much for such a brilliant brush set.
I used it here: Collaborator by Iardacil
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Amazing brushes. Thank you.

Used here: Powdermage by Iardacil
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Thank you! :D
used it here: Birth of a Nephilim
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YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU AND I ALREADY LIKE YOU!!!! :D (don't be creeped out, please. I'm not one lol)

Thank you so much for saying "people seem to love brushes" <3

And, thank you for those steps coz apparently, PS keeps on resetting my brushes, thereby deleting the ones which I create or the ones downloaded off the internet. This is gonna fix that. Chances seem pretty high lol

Thanks for the brushes too

Have a wonderful life!!!!
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Used here  Warriors might by Gwendolyn1  Thank you :rose:
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Very cool brush ^^ thank you!
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Hey, Your brushes have been very usefull for me. Hope you dont mind and hope you will enyo my work,
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Is it okay to use this brush for commercial use? I want to use it for my work
Спасибо. Очень круто.
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Thank you so much!
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thank you for the brush!
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