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Advanced layer Tutorial
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Published: January 2, 2010
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This is a surprise gift for all the people that have subscribed me!

Still don't know the last ones but i hope you like the gift :)!


This is an advanced layer tutorial. It will teach you how to use photoshop layers, the advanced way. If you are still basic inside photoshop i suggest you take some basic tutorials first.

excuse for the confusing guide, but deviantart didn't let me load images bigger than 10080x10080 pixels so i needed to
crop it up a bit.


!For those of you who can't read the tutorial because of to small texts!

Download the image, DeviantArt crops the full-size which is highly disturbing


I hope it helps!
And don't hesitate to send the results after you tried it!



(my English isn't that great so if you see spelling mistakes that are really bad, tell me)
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umbatmanProfessional General Artist
amazing work
Jhordan92Peacemaker's avatar
Beautiful and awesome tutorial *u* Thanks for sharing awesomeness
Petra1999's avatar
This was very helpful, thank you soo much!
Enbi-to-Miruku's avatar
Enbi-to-MirukuStudent General Artist
Whew... Thanks so much! Especially the "Opacity" and "Fill" difference. I love your simple and easy to understand explanations~
teddy9277's avatar
Sweet. This was really awesome. Thanks for making this!
Allons-yEveryone's avatar
Allons-yEveryoneStudent Writer
Bloody hell this is brilliant!
Thanks, I'm so going to use this!
Suratix3's avatar
Thank you, very usefull :-)
MaroxXIII's avatar
MaroxXIIIHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the tutorial. File was huge, but helpful! Great job! :iconclapplz:
drugivian's avatar
This is a very nice tutorial.
I was wondering ...since i love your tutorial so much i was
wondering if you can register on my site (Forum) and Post this tutorial in
the tutorial section of my forum located in the Graphics Area..
I would really appreciate it if you do.

You can check out the site here:
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Thank you so much for the tutorial! =D
Here's what I got trying the first time... [link]
I'd be glad if you ever check it out! And I gave the deserved credits on the description ;D
MartaVasques's avatar
MartaVasquesHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic work! :clap: I can't wait to try some your methods! I learned a lot! Thank you so much!
GRAC3Watti's avatar
bedankt!! hier leer ik veel van :D
lmaoalexxx's avatar
lmaoalexxxHobbyist Digital Artist
this was extremely helpful
i learned soo much
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:iconcongratsddplz:Congratulations once again on your Daily Deviation! You've been featured in the August 2011 Resources DD Summary. Thanks for sharing your resources with the community!!
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badmrtoyStudent General Artist
I love this tutorial, it's clear, concise and easy to read, and very informative. As a self taught photoshopper, there are big gaps in my knowledge, and even though I knew some of this info most of it was all new to me and very very helpful. I especially like starting with a black and white image and colouring it afterwards (although usually do it with markers) so I think this is just what I need. Great work!
ReygarFaust's avatar
ReygarFaustProfessional Photographer
Great job! You are a genius!
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GigFizZStudent Digital Artist
Hello, I was looking at your tutorial and got stuck. In column 1 just under where you talk about hue/sat settings, you mention making a "map" by clicking on the "map icon". The picture just above this sentence has a picture with you pointing at "create new group" icon in my photoshop 5. Could you clarify if im using the wrong version of PS or what im doing wrong? I've even googled "map icon" and not much is coming up.

Sorry for the hassle.

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AshieTreeHobbyist Digital Artist
If its any help i think zevenstorm means Folder instead of map. So if you click the folder icon you should get what zeven was doing.
But as zeven said, its the group icon, but it looks like a folder.
GigFizZ's avatar
GigFizZStudent Digital Artist
thank you!
AshieTree's avatar
AshieTreeHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, hope it sorted out what got you riddle'ed :)
if not im sure zeven is up to clarify it.
GigFizZ's avatar
GigFizZStudent Digital Artist
well i was looking for the map icon and he went straight into the textures. I think what hes doing is putting the texture inside the group folder?
AshieTree's avatar
AshieTreeHobbyist Digital Artist
Well theres a few ways to do it, if you wan't to do like zeven does, then open the texture you want to add in another photoshop file, so you have 2 documents open, and then use the clonestamp like he explained he did.
What he did was painting the texture into a layer in the group folder, with the clonestamp.
GigFizZ's avatar
GigFizZStudent Digital Artist
I actully didnt get past the "map" part when it things didnt add up but i hope to work more on it later tonight i hope! This adding textures looks really cool! I like the effect it gave his work.
Thanks for the pointers i will check out both ways!
zevenstorms's avatar
Thanks for the help man! :D
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