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ok~ so a lot of people already asked me for some sort of pricing for my commissions but i honestly always had been a bit too lazy to actually write one...
but i got tired of telling everybody separately about my pricing... so
i finally decided to create a little list!

NOTE: the prices are not fully set !
which means the first price is the basic! and the more complicated or complex a character or the Picture itself is 
the price will increase!

Black/ White Sketch:
500pnts - 1200pnts  / 5€ -  12€
(can be up to 3 character)


1200pnts- 1800pnts / 12€ - 18€

with shading:        
+ 200pnts  / +2€

extra character:   
 +500pnts  / +5

Headshot / Halfbody 
1500pnts - 2500pnts  / 15€ - 25€

with shading:   
+500pnts  / +5€ 

2000pnts - 3500pnts  /  20$ - 35€

with shading:   
+500pnts / +5€

extra character:   
+1000pnts - 1500pnts  / +10€ - 15

Detailed Fullbody
3000pnts - 8000pnts  / 30€ - 80

extra character:   
+1500pnts - 2500pnts  / +15€ - 25€

Reference Sheets:

Basic Reference  - (Back / Front View of the Character)  
5500pnts - 7500pnts / 55€ - 75

Extra Details.

Extra Headshot 
500pnts - 1500pnts /  +5€ -15€

Extra Bustshot 
1000pnts - 2000pnts / +10€ -20€

Extra Fullbody 
2000pnts - 2500pnts / +15€ - 25

(Extra NSFW content - 1500pnts / +15€ )


Animation Meme's

(simple animation memes! only!!)
(no points for this type of commission!)

75€ - 250€

its super hard to name a price for this type of commission since it really depends on the meme you want to have! 
the more frames and the more animation the meme contains the more expensive the meme will get!
Sampels can be found here: My YouTube Channel


Pixel Icons:
600pnts - 1000pnts / 6€ - 10€ 

with shading:   
+200pnts  /  +2€

connected icon:
800pnts - 1500pnts / 8€ - 15€

with shading:   
+200pnts  /  +2€

Pixel Dolls:
800pnts - 1500pnts / 8€ - 15€

with shading:   
+200pnts  /  +2€

1000pnts - 2500pnts  // 20€ - 40€

No Shading 

No extra character

To Do List: 

- No Commissions at the time -

Commission Slots:

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open
7. Open

alrighty, so i was thinking about some small infos according to my Art-Trades conditions - for those who asked me.
There wont be much "rules" to follow but there sure are a few things i want to make clear from the very beginning. 

I had a little talk about Art-trading with a few people now who were interested in trading...
but things started getting out of hand so i thought to myself... it might be a good solution to set up some rules to prevent such situations... 

Art-trading in General:

You don't necessarily have to be one of my watcher or friends to ask for a art-trade.

If you are interested in Trading Art, just feel free to write on my Profile or a Note asking! me to trade

I'm allowed to deny Art Trade! - people also need to learn accepting NO's too -

You need to give me enough time to finish my part - i know i sometimes take a little longer -
but there are also other things for me to do than sitting on the pc all day long...sorry ;w; 

About the Trade:

Personally i prefer digital - digital / traditional -traditional trades but mixed is also fine

I don't care on any of your Art level or style. - as long as you put effort into the picture -

If you ask me on a trade please try to put as much effort in your picture as you want me to put into mine

If YOU ask me on a Trade please consider to upload/ show your part first
(so many times that i finished my part but never got theirs...)

* please don't start asking me about MY part over and over again if haven't finished YOUR first 
* please DON'T complain if i upload another part before yours, even if you asked me first

For example: If you just draw a flat colored chibi... 

* please DON'T expect ME to draw a full detailed picture with backgrounds and a lot of effects on it
(this maybe could happen, if i feel like it or if i'm in the mood for it)
* please don't complain about my part/ my efforts on the picture if you hadn't gave any either!
(its not like i don't put any efforts in my trade parts but i'm just saying... )

EXCEPT!  if we agreed on it! then it's no problem for me!
i hope it doesn't sound arrogant/ offensive or anything... i really don't mean to... I'm aware that people got different art level/ styles but trading a flat chibi compared to a fully detailed picture doesn't seems fair, does it ?

What I'm willing to Draw:

I will only draw animals like creatures!
* Canines,
* Felines,
* Foxes,
* Dragons,
* and more
(Anthros will be fine too but please ask first!)

won't accept anything containing sexual contents
I will only draw oc's, no characters of anime/ Tv/ Game series unless its a fan oc and different enough of the original character.


Well... i guess that's everything i have to say for now...
i'm sorry if some of those "rules" seems to be a little hard, harsh or rude... but i hope you understand that i had a lot of disappointments in people trading Art with me and i'm a little sick of them... please understand!

~ Zeven_Dust