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taskbar's folders for windows 8 system

taskbar's folders is a folder that contains shortcuts which you can pin to taskbar so to look like a dock, or even to use them as is, without searching to your pc.

there is only one recomendation, first unzip your file to the desktop and then copy paste to c
now go to C:\TASKBAR'S FOLDERS and open it and then drag any shortcut you want to the taskbar or direct use it.

so ease you can have access to 'my computer', control pane etc, so i use it to my windows 8 system as i find it as a quiqer access for my taste and style.

(as there was no category for windows 8 i set this to Designs & Interfaces > Miscellaneous)

thank you for your support to Greek people.

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dude, i cant download situs not found :(. please upload again :(
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It's great to be able to do that ! ;P
Is it easy to make themes for Win8 ?
btw, can I use a picture from one of your themes (the OSX Lion captions...) ? If you don't want me to upload a theme with your work, I can send you the theme so that you could upload it yourself...
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i have made an osx style version for rc version [not a lion yet]

i have problems that i cant explain here so when i write that i dont know if tommorow i will be to deviant art etc is not something i write for anyother reason. it is the truth.

no, it is not ease to make themes for win 8, unless if you mean only to replace the microsoft's images of the visual style.
we can not have access to change the light blue background of the ribbon to the top of the window, and to rc version even if we delete the ribbon ui file of explorerframe.dll the rebar area= navigation buttons + addressbar + searchbar background still looks lightblue[in consumers preview when we delete the ribbon ui file of explorerframe.dll the rebar area became transparent]

i do not allow anyone to upload themes having my images or code, but you can make your own version for windows. i see my work as a signature of mine and what i preserve. but i think you are enough experience for making your kind of work.
or when windows style builder is ready that could be easier . for now i do my work with hex editting values changing and this is a slow painfull work.

do not expect revolutionary things as i did on 7. microsoft has locked shell32.dll so when you try modify it, and replace with yours, when restart this will lead to some recovery function you can't get out .

with not modifying shell32.dll some things as for example the always open status bar can not be modified or eliminated, as also the preview pane , details pane etc as also the icons of the shell32.dll --> this all because microsoft has lock the security of the system with some system files such as the shell32.dll or the explorer one.

windows 8 its a big disapointment for moders as i see that the policy of microsoft is to give to the user their aproach of what is window , what is explorer, and infact they give us an 'office' style aproach whih may be usefull and good styling for an application but it is a disaster and unpleasant looking [not as function, but as for the position, the size that take from explorer and for the non transparent looking of] or the fact that we can not eliminate all the riibon style with a button so the window to look as on windows 7, and with another clik to reappear it.

for all this and for many more i really dont like this version.
i preffer the construction of the shell of win 7 than this to 8. i never understood why microsoft changed the construction of the shell of win 7 , i mean what is the benefit of the new shell. the position of preview and details pane etc the always open statusbar which has same color as that of the right main part [white] of our explorer etc etc is tragic.

do they think that users=customers are happy ?

so its possible soon to upload a handmade =resourse hacker + hex editing theme for 32bit windows 8 RC (If someone upload some 64bit files i can give also a 64 bit one)

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Thanks for everything ;P
Oh one last thing, could you try a small program, on win8, called True Transparency [link] ... In windows 7 there was a bug in it : it made the adressbar's background completely transparent. Maybe it could solve your problem... It could delete the ribbon completely ;P
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no, it is not , have a look [infact it double size it]

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:O ! Maybe it will be better with Borderskin...
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omg you are on deviantart again! how are you doing in greece? also, did you solve the ribbon interface thing in windows 8?
hope to hear from you more often!
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my situation is unstable.

i dont know if tomorrow or next day i can sent any comment or anything to deviant art or anywhere else.

about ribbon dont have time to search anything , thanks for your interesting.

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are you alright?
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no i have many problems.
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Hope you get better soon
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make a deviant account and share there your photos please.

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