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sp1 ZEUS osX for Win 7 64

Lion style ZEUS os X for Windows 7 sp1 (64bit)


sp1 ZEUS os X is based as an inspiration from the Lion mac os X Developer previews and made under my personal view.
This version made for using to sp1 64 bit Windows 7 system.

After the installation of all of the files included we have Mac OS X style system behaviour with not 3rd party program .
Also Details Pane to the right and Preview pane to Top.

This is a Mac OS X port for WIndows 7 sp1 , made by Pavlos Pitselas (ZEUS osX )

MADE IN GREECE (= Hellas).

This is a registered and copyright property
© copyright - All Rights Reserved
' Registered & Protected'

Please USE it only to your COMPUTER SYSTEM as is.
Do not modify, edit , copy it or change the name or the images or the code of it, or use it to any project or copy it anyway in any meaning.

DONATE [link]


This is a Work from Hellas = Greece.
Is dedicated to All people of Earth who support : the Hellenic = Greek History, Philoshophy, Civilization and the Greek people.



To the current preview i have modified and remake a wallpaper which is not included to the pack , as the original maker is Nagy Norbert [link] from Hungary, so credits goes to him for his work.
Anyone of you who want the original wallpaper can download from [link] and fave him as his work is amazing.
i have permission to upload my modified version so [link]



My lion mac osx style work is not just a theme. With new code added to Windows system files , Windows becomes behaving like Mac OS X .

When forinstance we select a folder as 'icon', we have separate mouse over image for the folder and other image for the text.

When we select a folder as 'details' we can have stripes, and mouse over images like mac os X , blue hover and white text .

With additional code added to shell32.dll the Preview Pane setted to Top, and Details Pane setted to right (like to osx) .

Also Folderband (is the command bar i which is written 'Organise', 'Open' etc) is included to the preview pane.

That means that if we press to the keyboard Alt+P Preview pane appears --> also Folderband at the top of Preview pane.

Now via Folderband we can select 'Organise' -->' layout' and then select which pane we want to appear (for example we select Details pane) or deselect that we dont want.

if we want to dissappear Preview Pane we press again to the keyboard Alt+P .

Attention: if both Preview Pane and Details Pane are appeared, then we will have this kind of appearance:

Details pane will give the preview of the current file or folder we select with our mouse and also the details text description of it
Preview pane will give the preview of the folder that contains the selected file or folder. [except if the current file is a text or music file or video]

now if we want to have to the Preview pane the preview of the current file or image etc we must first close the Details pane.

Also, if we like to have always shown the Folderband just open the preview pane and set the vertical slider at his minimum position to the top[so no more space to be used].



Main categories of visual styles: Transparent, Brushed, Gray.

Names and styles of Themes:
Diafania [=transparency] - 2 versions ---> transparent
Ares [=Mars] - 2 versions --> brushed
Leon [= Lion] - 2 versions --> gray

the names of the visual styles/themes are based to the ancient and modern Greek language

On screenshot , down window there exist some of a portrait of Alexander the Great(=Alexandros) who unified all Hellenes=Greeks ie (Peloponisians , Thessalians , Macedonians, Athenians, Cretans etc ].

IN ancient and in nowdays Hellenic (=Greek) [Active CODE] language, every letter, and every word is a specific number, and it has a specific meaning.
ZEUS ( or DEUS or DIAS) is Master of immortal Gods in Hellenic (=Greek) Active CODE [arithmetic machine logic] language, and APPLE is the given gift from ZEUS .

So the name of the THEME choosen from Hellenic = GREEK language and civilization.

Please read the instructions of the 64 bit very carefully.
The system files of your syswow64 must be replaced from the 32 bit system files that i have included to my Sp1 ZEUS osX for Win 7 - 32bit [link] from folder '32 bit Dll files'.
So 64bit users must download also my 32bit version of the theme.
The rest system files in C:\Windows\System32 and in C:\Windows must replaced from the files included to this pack from folder '64 bit Dll files'.

Please read all the instructions text of installation and freeware programs that can be used for customize your windows 7 system here Text sp1 ZEUSosX - Win7 64bit [link] Text sp1 ZEUSosX - Win7 64bit
Inside your pack also an Instructions text for 64 bit systems included.


also download my latest and best ever visual style theme Aether [link] which is dedicated to Steve Jobs.


Special thanks to Panda X [link] , moin moin [ [link] , UK Intel (=Terry j Springham) [link] , Pcycob [link] , Patrickgs (Patrick Gharakhanian) [link] , Raj Theeban [link] , Michael [link] ,Vathanx [link] gratitude to Yoni (Rafael Rodriguez) [link]

All features referenced in my work are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by Zeus.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

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An incredible theme Zeus!!!! I seem to get an error message during startup "Bitmap failed 6802 -6812". Any ideas? Am i supposed to drag the png of the explorerframe.dll file into the corresponding folders as well?? Just my guess
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This theme is for a 64bit windows system, so go first  to  

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System

and see if to the System type is written 64bit.

Then : 

I suppose that you use the system files of this theme ok, you have to replace but not delete, the 64 bit explorerframe.dll  to  C:\Windows\System32

but you must also download the 32bit version of  explorerframe.dll  from  sp1 ZEUS osX  for Win 7  32bit by ZEUSosX   and  you have to replace but not delete, the 32 bit explorerframe.dll  to C:\Windows\SysWOW64

But i think if I remember well that those are the bitmaps of explore.exe  ie is the Start button bitmaps.

So go to  C:\Windows  and replace the file named 'explorer'  using the process described to instructions (taking ownership), rename  and copy paste the new one, and

ALso download the 32bit version of  explorer  from  sp1 ZEUS osX  for Win 7  32bit by ZEUSosX   and  you have to replace but not delete, the 32 bit explorer  to C:\Windows\SysWOW64


What I suppose is the problem.

I don't know if you use any 3RD party application for changing the start button, and this one conflict with the replacing of the explore files.

So to this case it may uninstall that program, and make 2 times restart , then change the files, and see if they work.

This I suppose that is the problem. Before doing anything do a restore point.

how to download it..... ?
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The downloada button on top right, named 'Download'.
This theme doesn't work fully for me. The minimize, maximize and close button looks double (both default windows and mac os style at the same time)
Solved after restart
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glad for that.
Been looking for these! Thank you so much. Your work is always amazing!
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thanks for your comment PrinceRayman
I'm kinda messed up with the Windows Color, it is set to Windows Classic, I don't know what went wrong but I copied the right files in the right folders. Trying to figure it out but still can't. The Desktop Background and Sounds are working fine, except for the Taskbar. Thanks if you can fix ;)…

Here's a picture of the desktop. I just can't figure the taskbar out. :/ But when I return it to Windows 7 theme what happens is that only the Start button becomes an Apple sign. otherwise everything is still window-ish taskbar.
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Sorry but I am out of deviant art , i am too old, anyway your problem is simple.
There 2 things that could happen.

1. the most common is that because of a microsoft update have made the uxstyle patcher not working<> so  i assume that you use UxStyle from

now be carefull, even if it does not work you have first to uninstall it, otherwise it can not be repaired, so go to :

Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

uninstall  UxStyle

restart your system.

install  UxStyle

restart your system

go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

select aero,

then select any other theme. that;s it


2. in very rare cases we have also to re change the system files, if those replaced by a microsoft updaTE> but this is a very rare case> (to win 8.1 i have bypass this, but not to 7)

BuT the most possible is that the most common is the 1. first case , for your problems.

Helle, after Windows 7 Update don't work IE Perfect.
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if you have any such problem, go to your system to C:\Windows\System32 and rename the new shell32.dll to shell32.mac  and rename the shell32.old [<which was the original microsoft default one] to shell32.dll
also go to your system to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and rename the new shell32.dll to shell32.mac  and rename the shell32.old [<which was the original microsoft default one] to shell32.dll

so you will loose some of the benefits that gives the code of my theme, but i believe then your  IE will work perfect, if not then the problem it would not be from those, so you can rename again the files, if so.> only to some systems, have problem like that you mention, not all, [< if that really was the reason of ie]

best changing of the system files is when the system is complete new, with no application installed, or after a re installation [for any reason ] of windows>that does not mean as i mentioned that problems appeared if doing otherwise> just this is my recommendation.
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Μπραβο πατριωτη , θαυμαζω τη δουλεια σου και εκανα λογαριασμο μονο για να στο πω! keep up the good work!!! #1 
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-ευχαριστω πολυ Χρυσα.

επισης το τελευταιο για windows 7>…

και για  windows 8.1 >…

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Hello !  after a long while I decided to use this visual style again.  I´m using it right now and I am absolutely satisfied with :-)   But everytime when I change the ExplorerFrame.dll , I get some random errormessages "Class Not Registered"   it happens mainly when I want to use my Dock software ( ObjectDock or Rocketdock )  so, When I change the ExplorerFrame.dll I can not open any dock item anymore.

I tried to registered for myself -> regsvr32.exe ExplorerFrame.dll     =  ERROR !    

Is there anything I can do to get it FULL working ?    I really like the Mac "Behavior"  for example,  The distance between the explorer icons is much bigger which is really useful  (  it looks very clean and tidy ) .  

So, do you have any tipps for me ? 

Specs :  Windows7 Ultimate x64 SP 1
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applications do not affect with explorerframe.dll , shell32.dll perchaps, use the original shell32.dll and see if that helps.
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Whenever I try to move the dll files or the explorer file, it tells me the files or folder is open in another program.
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before doing any changes to the system, before even to take permissions of the system files we must first do this:

go to Control pane [view by category] -->so Go to Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts and press the folder 'Change User Account Control Settings' set the slider to the next window Never Notify. 

then we take permissions of the original files then we rename their extention from .dll to .old or to .original and we copy paste the new ones.
Same here
Anyone knows how to fix that?
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in your theme is possible set the taskbar completely transparent?
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In Diafania theme
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completely transparent, can be made, using 3rd party applications or using a dwm different than this

also must be changed the image of the taskbar.

i have stopped > i have different priorities as problems alot in real life .
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