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osXstyle right part of TASKBAR


Making the looking of the right side of windows (vista) taskbar as possible as mac os x right side of taskbar.
[also included : Adding your country's flag to your windows taskbar.]

My method

a. Download the files included.
b. Please copy the 'Taskbar shortcuts' folder to C:\Taskbar shortcuts [provided C is the main hard disk of your operating sustem]

1. Right clik to your windows [vista] taskbar.Deselect Lock the taskbar.

2. Again Right clik to your windows [vista] taskbar.Select toolbars and check only the Quick Launch.

(also if you dont like to have forexample the native soundvolume, if it is selected, and you want to be replaced by a shortcut that you can change its ico, then: Right clik to your windows [vista] taskbar.Select Properties, on TASKBAR select Quick Launch and on Notification Area select only Hide inactive and also check Clock.)

3. Drag with your mouse the toolbar Quick Launch on the right part of taskbar.[if this not easy, there are some vertical points, please drag them]

4. Make a folder on your hard disk, having inside any kind of shortcuts of important application [for example ' Regional and Language Options','Search', 'Sound Volume' etc. and 2 folders of icons, one with countries's flags and one with your [mac style systray] icons.

5. Drag a shotcut, for example the ' Regional and Language Options'shortcut with your mouse to the toolbar Quick Launch which exist on the right part of taskbar.

Then right clik to the new shortcut you made on taskbar, select properties,change icon and then choose browse and on the file name wright the address that the countries's flags folder exist. For example C:\Taskbar shortcuts\Countries Flags .

6. Then drag the other shortcuts [and replace their icon if you preffer from the folder exist. For example C:\Taskbar shortcuts\icons ]

7. Making the toolbar Quick Launch as big or small you preffer, draging with the mouse. If you want your country's flag to have invisible space right or left of it, drag an 'invisible' folder i made, from the folder exist.
[ For example C:\Taskbar shortcuts ], or if for any reason these not worked drag any empty folder [or if you dont mind a shortcut like my computer or control panel etc] as many times as big the space you want to make.

Then for being invisible this shortcuts on your taskbar make to any of them right clik, for changing their icon select properties,change icon and then choose a not visible icon exist on your %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll .

You can do also this to important applications [make their shortcuts invisible on looking on the toolbar Quick Launch of taskbar], so when your mouse over them on taskbar, the windows baloon explain what application exist to every 'invisible' shortcut, so you will have a very clean look with important applications existing on taskbar.

8. Right clik to your windows [vista] taskbar.Select Lock the taskbar.


Please give credits for the flags to [link] , as he made the flag png in many sizes. [i have transport to icons, only some to 16x16 size icons], Free Flag Icons png Updated (now 240 countries) so you can find from there even more county's flags and try to transport to ico yourself. [link]
or or you can use the circle style ready for use icons flags that great designer -kol ( Javier Ocasio ) made. see and download [link]
or also this older work with 'square' type of flags of Kol ( Javier Ocasio ) made : World Flags by `-kol [link]

also i transport some flag icons and systray icons from panther's and other osx icons found on the page [link] [please download Mac OS X Panther Icons] , and also some
System Tray Icons taken some from [link]

So please thank this people for their work and presentation.

My purpose of making this is to give you a simple mode without changing system files, to make an easy as possible modification, having on your windows taskbar LIKE the os x one [and also included your country's flag, or any kind of symbol you want]

I Found this as an easy solution for my mac osx styles themes for windows Vista [link] [link]

Thank you.




Thanks in advance, all of you respecting my work.

© 2008 - 2021 ZEUSosX
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is it ony for vista or win 7 to
gabhonorio's avatar
Waaahh! its kinda complicated and aswell as the step by step setup.. wheres the taskbar folder (c:taskbar?)
Drifter87's avatar
pretty good. but i dont take the risk.
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nice idea man. Thanks
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your idea was smart, but it worked tin times better with objectbar, thax man look great^^
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After doing this. For some reason unknown to me. I can't seem to get the language bar on the taskbar anymore.
this is great!
can i get theaz directions in english lol ima little confused
this is long, but... whats that magnifying glass next to the flag...?
also you have some kind of "dashboard" thing open ...? what is it?
hey nice work! (correction GREAT work)
but... wuts the dock? mine looks... not as nice(not leopardy)
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it Difficult to me move Quick Launch from left to right
ZEUSosX's avatar
but at the end you will succeed it.
[do that if that help you, unlocked first taskbar, drag the taskbar on vertical downwards , so to be big. then moove Quick Launch from left to right. drag the taskbar to first thin location. do your modification and at the end lock again the taskbar].
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hey man how do you change the vista orb logo in to the amazing apple logo please tell me[link]
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if you mean the apple style logo i use to the visual style, you must change images 868-879 of vista visual style.
how and can i restore the original style
ZEUSosX's avatar
if you mean you like to make a new visual style based to original aero, copy the original aero visual style to your desktop , then change the name of aero to all the folders of this visual style exist with a new common name. Then you change code and images. see: Make a VS for Vista - Tutorial [link]

if you mean [RESTORING for] this modification you can safe delete the folder i give you or also you can customize safely the toolbar Quick Launch as you want.THEREis no problem as my modification dont change any system files. thats the success of this modification.
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This is amazing! The secret things of vista can be seen!
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Thanks VistaTransformer.
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Spanish version?
ZEUSosX's avatar
see Spanish version [link]
ZEUSosX's avatar
Ofcource there is also flag of Spain [ made on png from and transported to ico 16x16 by me].

If you mean about the shortcuts, there are originaly copied from windows system so they are automaticaly 'translated' [written] to the language of your vista system you use.
So you can see on Spanish language if the language of your vista system you use is Spanish.

Also if you find or make yourselves better flags of your country or find original mac ico with a flag of your country, that it would be great.
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