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imac for windows 8rtm preview

imac theme's preview for windows 8 rtm, from ZEUSosX.

this is a transportation of my code to windows 8 rtm so to have selected folders similar to the style of mac os x , when mouse over/pressed.

it is not so ease as microsoft has deleted to the visual style many locations of the images in a way that a mouse over image is using in multiple cases, AND NOT in specific as happened to 7, so all the code had to be redone, as also the code to exploreframe.dll had to be a little bit different than my older one.

also i made the corners of explorer not to be square, bypassing the transparency problem, designing to the place of shadows the borders of the window.

theme is coming soon, this is just a preview, which is made just in purpose that new members/users having alook of, as in the main page of the theme i will not give all those previews of it.

thank you.
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you can use any dock you like, for example rocket dock , RK Launcher , ObjectDock etc
to the previews i show you what i make or modify, to explorer window.

from wht i knew only RK Launcher has the amazing Aladdin lamp effect
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yes man but u should put in this with some osx icons
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If you don't have x64 files, I can send. And, when are you going to release this vs?
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i hope soon as posible.
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is this-
is this true

im still frustrated i still cannot get themes working
windows 8 RTM D:
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yes, i just transported my previous code to RTM.
I downloaded a trial version of windows 8 rtm 32 bit from microsoft, so that enable me to give a version for rtm.
but not expecting in design mode something special , this is just a work that i use to my pc . if i find in future time i possibly, if i have inspiration > a thing difficult under the conditions of real life, to make a better designed one.
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what is your opinion towards rtm?
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I love this :) and I'm looking forward to use it :love: :D
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I could help you making your VS... This still looks like a mix of Panther, Tiger & Leopard. I think that you should get inspiration from actual OSX screenshots, and I can bring you that ;P For the moment, here are a few tips :
- Use the same font for the sidebar as for the file text, like in OSX.
- Use better Caption buttons (the Tiger & Panther ones, or the Lion ones, but I think the leopard ones aren't so good...)
- Make grayish toolbars.
- Use the same corners for both address & search bar.
- Make squared windows, I think it looks much cleaner than rounded windows...
I'm not criticizing your work, I love all your themes. 'd just like them to be a bit more as I like :D
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i know some parts are complete unfinished because i have changed the style i use, i use a whiter version, but the caption buttons [as also the navigation ones which have the white microsoft's ribbon back ground, as also search and adressbar etc], what i mean is that the overall balance has changed [because of me and because of microsoft's ribbon] and i would have to redesign everything, but i have not time and my eyes also dont help.
the size of the captions are small=lion size, though the design perchaps is different, as also the 'smile' around them as also the shadows around the window should also redesigned. the search icon in searchbar also, i had a cleaner made one to my win7 themes.

thank you for your helping offer, from the other while i totaly agree with what you say, i have a different aproach to what is a theme. even a non good designed theme could be pleasant, ofcourse when we have perfection, we made a better aproach, but sometimes perfection killing the emotion, when i make a design i do as a portrait, perchaps a not perfect one, or even good, but even an ungly portrait can be interesting . before 2 or three years i would made this work in six months or more and after i would realease it, now i have not the safety to remain.

and i agree the square one is cleaner, as i told you i need time [and money] for still working, and none of those exist.

and as i ever say, my aproach, not in a selfish way, is a personal view.

thank you for your comment, interesting and even criticizing.
criticizing is not bad when comes from good feeling people.
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You don't use WSB?
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i had my work already done, so i didnt use it.

but on future i will change the fonts via wsb.

wsb is a great tool though as i said i had already finished the work [i change just the borders and shadows in the first stream, and for that it was easier for me to work direct to the stream.
but as i said wsb is a great application which i support and recommend for any user.
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Ah OK :P doesn't manually editing take years lol
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