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country's flag to windows 7


Setting your country's flag to your windows 7 taskbar, by ZEUS os X. (+ Flip 3d effect shortcut added see [link] )

[making the looking also as possible as mac os x right side of taskbar]

My method ---> [first must added Quick Launch toolbar on Windows 7 taskbar]

*********** The benefit using Quick Launch toolbar is that you can add not only a programs shortcut but a folder's also, or a theme's Name shortcut, like Aero, so you can easily change your themes, from your taskbar via Quick Launch toolbar. **************

Please Download my files and then copy the 'Taskbar shortcuts' folder to
C:\Taskbar shortcuts [provided C is the main hard disk of your operating sustem]

then :

1. Right clik to your windows taskbar. Deselect Lock the taskbar.

2. Again Right clik to your windows taskbar.

a.Then Right-click the taskbar -> Toolbars -> New toolbar

b. type the following into the "folder" field - "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch", where username is your user name on your user account.

c. click 'Select folder'.

d. now you can rearrange the Quick Launch into it's classic position.

3. a. right-click the Quick Launch and uncheck "Show Text". right-click again to uncheck "Show Title".

b. size the title-less and label-less Quick Launch area to your liking.

4. Make a folder on your hard disk, having inside any kind of shortcuts of important application [for example ' Regional and Language Options','Search', 'Sound Volume', 'Flip3D effect' !!! etc. and 2 folders of icons, one with countries's flags and one with your [mac style systray] icons.

5. Drag a shotcut, for example the ' Regional and Language Options'shortcut with your mouse to the toolbar Quick Launch which exist on the right part of taskbar.

Then right clik to the new shortcut you made on taskbar, select properties,change icon and then choose browse and on the file name wright the address that the countries's flags folder exist.
For example C:\Taskbar shortcuts\Countries Flags .

6. Then drag the other shortcuts [and replace their icon if you preffer from the folder exist. For example C:\Taskbar shortcuts\icons ]

7. Making the toolbar Quick Launch as big or small you preffer, draging with the mouse. If you want your county's flag to have invisible space right or left
of it, drag an 'invisible' folder i made, from the folder exist.[ For example C:\Taskbar shortcuts ], or if for any reason these not worked drag any empty folder [or if you dont mind a shortcut like my computer or control panel etc] as many times as big the space you want to make.

Then for being invisible this shortcuts on your taskbar make to any of them right clik, for changing their icon select properties,change icon and then choose a not visible icon exist on your %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll .

8. Right clik to your windows taskbar. Select Lock the taskbar.


please give credits for the flags to, as he made the flag png in many sizes. [i have transport only some to 16x16 icons]

also i transfer some flag icons and systray icons from panther's and other osx icons found on the page

[link] [please download Mac OS X Panther Icons] , and also

System Tray Icons taken some from [link]

So please thank this people for their work and presentation. The purpose of making this is to give you a simple mode without changing system files,

to make an easy as possible modification, having on your windows taskbar your country's flag, [or any kind of symbol you want]

Thank you.

© 2010 - 2021 ZEUSosX
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this is cool man! but how did you put an icon on the left side of your time bar on the taskbar? tnx in advance...
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this was a visual style/theme and i have inserted the image to that area.
but as to some languages that was not at the same position , i decided not to use it anymore, anyway some versions of it was to my first old themes to [link] and some other to [link]
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Thank you so much for this effort
I have added it with your help :rose:
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thank you missasma.
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hi i hav question like I added volume control shortcut to new toolbar but I dont know how to change its icon like mac's volume icon
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before setting the shortcut, put it to your desktop, then right clik to it : properties, shortcut, change icon ---> then you choose the directory from where exist the icon you like to use.
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Alright makes sense.

But I noticed one thing. When I used Windows Classic Theme, I noticed that "Show Desktop" button has an icon instead of the rectangle in normal themes.

So what I asking did you like modify that icon to look like a clock?
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no, i dont like to change Windows Classic Theme.
Windows Classic Theme exist also for our safety reasons, when for example we run in safe mode, so my opinion is to leave it as is, its better.
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Yo man I love this. Only question I have is how can I put my Mexican flag where your clock thing is after the time?
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there is an area of about 100 pixels between the flag [=quiq launch toolbar] and the number of the hour , i made this [link] as possible nearer, the shortest distance bettween to see it better.
That happened because windows use this area between the flag [=quiq launch toolbar] and the number of the hour, is for the notification area icons and Notifications.

Now more right from the hour you can not put the flag. I have not used any 3rd party application like tc clock which may helps to what you ask. [this modification i did is withought any 3rd party applications using]
So if you use 3rd party application it is possible to do this:
right clik to your taskbar, properties, find where it is written Notification area press Customize, Then go to the bottom of the window and select 'Turn system icons on or off', then change all the 'on' values to 'off', press ok in all the windows needed so to be saved your choices, and after your flag goes at the right part of your task bar.

unfortunately microsoft [from what i know] does not give the ability to 'drag' with the mouse the system icons such as Time.
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good job on this one aswell
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thank you wallybescotty.
I love the orb :love:

Have you thought of making the orb work as the Windows start button? ...perhaps you could create a slight animation of the orb rotating as it is pushed... just thoughts :-)
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thanks for your comment, well i could give an explorer version with a blue orb like this, but i dont prommiss as this depends from my free time and also the inspired time for this.

i dont know if animated rotading images are enabled in windows 7[for start orb].

thank you.
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