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ZEUS os X - ELIXIS for vista

---------------------- X elixis ---------------------------------------

Thank You for Downloading ZEUS os X Hex-elixis FOR THE 32 BIT vista VERSION OF VISTA , which is a continuity of Win ZEUS os X THEME.

Win ZEUS os X is a Mac OSX port for WIndows (VISTA), made by IDAS = ZEUS osX. (Pavlos Pitselas)

X - elixis.
HEXelixis in Hellenic (=Greek) language modern and ancient means, in free translation, progress, development continuity.
It is the closest to mac forms (windows dimentions) i have ever make (for windows vista).

After a lot of search , i found how to enable changing the Height of TAB ITEMS [on a position that the font letters would be on the center of the height of your tabitem image] but unfortunately this kind of changing of the height (adding code) i use, makes some ''bugs'' ( on welcome center problem of shorter first line , top arrow on scrolbar also [both are 4 pixels up).Also the brushed aero visual style have some problems on the pixels exist to the corners of the window(sorry i have no solution since now)
All the visual styles of this theme have same basic visual style and diffrent aero. The visual styles with the x word at the end of their name include in their aro version an image button which exists onthe upper opposite corner of the min/max butons.

I redesigne some elements (TAB ITEMS, SCROLL BARS, SEARCH BAR), I set new value on Border Padings(0) and change image colors (MOUSE PRESSED FOLDERS active and inactive color images) to mac style forms.

All the project of the theme from November 2006 (1 year before) had inmind to give the continuity (not a copy) of the fantastic brushed surfaces of os X + beautifull aqua style colors (a style which has soul,a style that can make you Feel it), modified by me, giving my personal view for os X (looking) for the world of Windows (Vista), a combination of crystal glass (aero) and brushed surfaces, ofcource under the limitations of the Windows os and my little knowledge also.

ZEUS os X Hex-elixis designing rules, follow the principles of abstractiveness and simplicity, under Zeus inspiration.
IN ancient and in nowdays Hellenic (=Greek) [ Active CODE ] language, every letter, and every word is a specific number , and it has a specific meaning.
ZEUS ( or DEUS or DIAS) is Master of immortal Gods in Hellenic (=Greek) Active CODE [arithmetic machine logic] language.
His Main weapon is lightning and lightnes. He could transformate his alive code MATERIAL BEING to whatever He likes.
APPLE is the given gift from ZEUS, in this Hellenic (=Greek) tradition.(so the using of apple logo i choose)
SO , i am trying to show the relations of the clasic hellenic=greek with modern times and eternity.
The light comes from apple's technology, interface also looking, and i Think that it is our choice to transforn it as a part of progress in our tradition style.

All features referenced in the ZEUS os X Hex-elixis are subject to change.


ZEUS os X Hex-elixis is for **WINDOWS VISTA 32bit ONLY**

1. To use the viual styles ( mstyle) , you must install a Patched uxtheme.dll ,
[ i.e. Go to website: [link] ]

[OR WITH the vista os x PROJECT BY

OR [ Also If you want to see quiqly the visual style (without the other system files have to be replaced , forexample without ZEUS Back & Forward Buttons ) and the procces changing uxtheme is difficult, then use VistaGlazz, [link]

BECAUSE the vista shows all the visual styles as aero and aero basic please download DeskHack for Windows Vista, [link] and make enable to see the visual styles on vista with their real name.

2. Copy folder ZEUSosX cursors , to C: \ WINDOWS \ Cursors \ OS X Cursors

Copy THE WALLPAPERS INCLUDED from the folder of the theme Wallpaper to C: \ WINDOWS \ Web \ Wallpaper.

3. Copy ZEUS os X (VISUAL STYLE FOLDER) , to "C:\ windows \ Resources / Themes /" (provided C is your Windows drive).

See if the normal shellstyle has problems.
If it has problems,replace it from the shellstyle.dll which include in the file normal shellstyle.dll NOT AUTOHIDE FOLDERBAND.

a. Obtain Permisions and Ownership of Both browseui.dll and oobefldr.dll
Located in Windows\System32 [usually in C: drive]
b. Backup you original browseui.dll and oobefldr.dll by renaming them Browseui.old and oobefldr.old
c. Copy browseui.dll and oobefldr.dll from this pack to Windows\System32
d. Log off and back on to see changes.
(use the "Obtaining Permissions and ownership.txt" for help on installing)

The theme will have some limitations in use, as i have not enough time to complete, in the way i want, and the modification of the designing rules follow the principles of abstractiveness and simplicity under Zeus inspiration.


1. do not change border padings

2. do not change font size (leave it 96 dpi font size)

3. on menu, the number of recent programs to display must be around 10 (= X),[or whatever value it makes the lines on menu, having equal positions] via right clik to your taskbar appears Taskbar and start menu propperties
and then select start menu/customize/ start menu size, number of recent programs to display change it to 10(OR 9, OR WHATEVER).

4. circle style image 515 does not looking well, to long shape elements that they use it, as i have not the answers i expect about this since now.

5. i give you 2 kind of shellstyles , the one of them it is slightly better on aero and autohide the folderband, but to this you must not dissapear/deselect navigation pane via organize/layout/ navigation pane, or simply use the other kind of shellstyle i will post, in which the folderband is always open.
To appear the folderband you have to right clik over file 'Folders' on your navigation pane, when using autohide folderband shellstyle.dll.

6. for better of the theme looking, special for aero basic please use YzShadow .(my oppiion for working correct is to use it on vista as compatible with windows xp, via right click on YzShadow properties/copatibilities/ run this program in compatibiity mode, select windows xp).
YzShadow [link]

7. for left side buttons use please leftsider.[link]

8. Download RK Launcher 0.41 Leopard Inspired [link];pid=14933&st=0& (by Yoni)
[RK Launcher created by RaduKing.RK Launcher 0.41 Leopard Inspired project by Yoni] ÜberIcon [link] with Blur Plugins

10. download iColorFolder [link]

For having expose style effect:
for aero style only : Download Switcher from [link]
for basic style only : Download WinExposé from [link] ,

.FOR HAVING A BACKGROUND CHOOSEN BY YOU, ON A FOLDER ON WINDOWS VISTA see AVE'S Vista Folder Background on [link] and read CHANGING FOLDER'S BACKGROUND IMAGES read file included on folder of this theme ''mac style folder's backgrounds'' and use the mac style images for windows vista i made.




FOR leftsider for example

For starting with windows start up , go to control panel/clasic view/folder options then go to view and select show hidden files and folders. then go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and add a shortcut of the leftsider

then go again go to control panel/clasic view/folder options then go to view and deselect show hidden files and folders.

(do the same for any other application, but only if you trust it, and does not automatically work with the start up of windows) [if you want also to uninstall an application , like leftsider and reinstall a new version of it, you have first go to "C:\Users\[enter your username here]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\" and delete the folder called "leftsider" = delete the folder with the name of the application , in this case current "leftsider".]


ZEUS os X HEXelixis is based in the spirit of Apple, not a kind of copy.

ZEUS os X HEXelixis is ONLY for private use, and in any copy of it, you must allways include THE Read me file.
DO NOT distribute any part of this work .
Also donot use it without a COPY of Instructions and Read me file AS IS.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

i have to thank for the given interest to kpk [link] and Michel8170 [link] the given help psycob [link] for the msstyle researched code (transparency on basic frame bottom, text color in navigation pane,How to make Thin Taskbar, text color in folderband etc etc) and jemaho [link] for the shellstyle code (details pane adding image).

Special thanks to UK Intel (=Terry j Springham)[Vista Hex-Editing Tutorial 0.7] [link] , Pcycob [link] , Patrickgs (=Patrick Gharakhanian) [Vista OS X] http:// [link] and Yoni (Rafael Rodriguez) [link] .

i have to reffer also people like iceman [link] and chrisKite(=flyaKite osX) [link] who show to all pc users the magic world of mac lookig on pc, and to Yoni for the support [link]

I do not allow any modifications of my work.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by ZEUS.
© 2008 - 2021 ZEUSosX
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- and, you know, I already downloaded one of your themes, which is not this one,is the other one :P
you know that kinda "rocketdock" thing, where you put the program icons so you can click them and all? well, i have that, because I had already downloaded it, but, it's not like Mac's, with that round gray background in the subtitles and with that feature that makes a vertical smaller one of it open when you click a folder or something... yeah, i think you understand... so,HOW DO I DO TO GET THAT?
how do i get the red yellow and green orb on lef han side i have it on right
thanx alot. ur themes are amazing.ive downloaded and its looks very good on my pc. is it possible to get the black version. thanx in advance
The buttons are to far spaced out.
How can i put the buttons on the left insted of the right.
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thanks will give it a try, very much custom made and adventureous....MAC on..
kofo's avatar
took me a while to figure everything out. but it was all worth it! BIG ups man!
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very nice combination parry.
I WILL stop so see my last version which comes .see previews [link]
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can u port the dock to xp pm me please
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see number 8 of instructions:


8. Download RK Launcher 0.41 Leopard [link]
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Used this here: [link]
Sorry for being a n00b but I have never applied a theme in vista.

I have followed the instructions

1. taken ownership of files and renamed to .ld and added patched ones.

2. Added cursor folder to location requested and wallpapers to location

3. mstyles to the resources/theme folder

When I go right click properties on desktop, change theme. I go in the folders added but there is no file too choose?

I can see the theme file in windows, just not through the browse function when choosing theme?

What am I doing wrong?

I love your theme, thanks for the effort, cannot wait to get this running

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go to "C:\ windows \ Resources / Themes /" (provided C is your Windows drive).open a theme there . inside the folder there are 3 or 4 folders , one of them is in green color and it has the name of the visual style,clik it and a small window with the visual styles will appear.

Alternative , you can download a freeware program StyleSelector [link] translate the instructions from japanese to english with google or with whatever you like and use it.
i finally got one to work (not sure which one) but the apple on my taskbar is down and off the bar??
What should i do?
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right clik on taskbar, deselect lock the taskbar, drag with your mouse the taskbar first to become bigger then drag with your mouse the taskbar to become smaller.
I dont understand how to do this
good but cant download it
Wow now that's a near-perfect theme. I've already installed it and it works just fine (even though I didn't install leftsider). Great job, thanks man.
parry's avatar
I can't seem to get the shellstyle working, it did on my other computer, i can't get it to unhide.
parry's avatar
Still using this theme ;) [link]
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