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Thank You for Downloading WIN ZEUS os X UPDATING1 FOR THE 32 BIT vista VERSION ,


Win ZEUS os X is a Mac OSX port for WIndows (VISTA), made by IDAS = ZEUS osX.

[ changes: more lihgter blue color on navigation pane and also the mac style traffic buttons, also on navigation pane, some buttons and elements on address bar (some included to the browseui.dll=TO THE circle style Back & Forward Buttons FOLDER) ETC]

All features referenced in the Win ZEUS os X THEME are subject to change.
________________________________________ _________________________________


1. To use the ZEUS os X mstyle style , you must install a Patched uxtheme.dll ,
[ i.e. Go to website: [link] .]

Patrickgs [link] ]

2. Copy folder ZEUSosX cursors , to C: \ WINDOWS \ Cursors \ ZEUSosX cursors.

Copy THE WALLPAPERS INCLUDED from the folder of the theme Wallpaper to C: \ WINDOWS \ Web \ Wallpapers.

3. Copy ZEUS os X (VISUAL STYLE FOLDER) , to "C:\ windows \ Resources / Themes /" (provided C is your Windows drive).

See if the normal shellstyle has problems.
If it has problems,replace it from the shellstyle.dll which include in the file normal shellstyle.dll NOT AUTOHIDE FOLDERBAND.

a. Obtain Permisions and Ownership of Both browseui.dll and oobefldr.dll
Located in Windows\System32 [usually in C: drive]
b. Backup you original browseui.dll and oobefldr.dll by renaming them Browseui.old and oobefldr.old
c. Copy browseui.dll and oobefldr.dll from this pack to Windows\System32
d. Log off and back on to see changes.
(use the "Obtaining Permissions and ownership.txt" for help on installing)

The theme will have some limitations in use, as i have not enough time to complete, in the way i want, and the modification of the designing rules follow the principles of abstractiveness and simplicity under Zeus inspiration.


1. do not change border padings

2. do not change font size (leave it 96 dpi font size)

3. on menu, the number of recent programs to display must be 10 (= X),
[or whatever value it makes the lines on menu, having equal positions] via right
clik to your taskbar appears Taskbar and start menu propperties
and then select start menu/customize/ start menu size, number of recent programs to display change it to 10(OR 9, OR WHATEVER).

4. circle style image 515 does not looking well, to long shape elements that they use it, as i have not the answers i expect about this since now.

5. i give you 2 kind of shellstyles , the one of them it is slightly
better on aero and autohide the folderband, but to this you must not dissapear/deselect navigation pane via organize/layout/ navigation pane, or simply use the other kind of shellstyle i will post, in which the folderband is always open.
To appear the folderband you have to right clik over file 'Folders' on your navigation pane, when using autohide folderband shellstyle.dll.

6. for better of the theme looking, special for aero basic please use YzShadow .(my oppiion for working correct is to use it on vista as compatible with windows xp, via right click on YzShadow properties/copatibilities/ run this program in compatibiity mode, select windows xp).
YzShadow ([link] )

7. for left side buttons use please leftsider. ([link] )

8. Download RK Launcher 0.41 Leopard Inspired [link]


FOR RK Launcher 0.41 Leopard Inspired
For starting with windows start up , go to control panel/clasic view/folder options then go to view and select show hidden files and folders. then go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and add a shortcut of the RK Launcher 0.41 Leopard Inspired program
then go again go to control panel/clasic view/folder options then go to view and deselect show hidden files and folders.(do the same for any other application, but only if you trust it, and does not automatically work with the start up of windows)
________________________________________ _________________________________

Win ZEUS os X is based in the spirit of Apple, not a kind of copy.

Win ZEUS os X is ONLY for private use, and in any copy of it, you must allways include THE Read me file.
DO NOT distribute any part of this work .
Also donot use it without a COPY of Instructions and Read me file AS IS.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

i have to thank for the given interest to kpk [link] the given help psycob [link] for the msstyle researched code (transparency on basic frame bottom, text color in navigation pane,How to make Thin Taskbar, text color in folderband etc etc) and jemaho [link] for the shellstyle code (details pane adding image).

Special thanks to UK Intel ( Vista Hex-Editing Tutorial 0.7) [link] AND Patrickgs (Vista OS X ) [link] .

i have to reffer also people like iceman [link])and chrisKite(=flyaKite osX)[link] who show to all pc users the magic world of mac lookig on pc.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by ZEUS.

© 2007 - 2022 ZEUSosX
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Awesome theme~~thanks for sharing~~↖(^ω^)↗
does this work for xp too?
ZEUSosX's avatar
Unfortunately not.
xeodesign's avatar
Havent tried it yet, but looks amazing!

ZEUSosX's avatar
great job!! where can i get those icons?
ZEUSosX's avatar
some wallpapers included on this theme.
wher can i get those icons?
Andruli's avatar
amazing, great work
ZEUSosX's avatar
I am working to this from November 2006(with windows vista rc1 first, and vista rtm after) UP to now December 2007.
Unfortunately it takes alot of time to modify it, using mainly RESOURCE HACKER and Tiny Hexer.
thank you Andruli .
Andruli's avatar
thanks for the extensive descriptions :) have a nice day
Freedom-loving's avatar
ZEUS osX, thank you for you work and creative idea !!!
One question:
How can I switch on cursors OS X...
I copied a folder ZEUSosX cursors , to C: \ WINDOWS \ Cursors \..
Should I manually change each cursor in mouse preference or is it another way ?
ZEUSosX's avatar
unfortunately you have to change the cursors manualy, via right clik to your desktop, personalize and then change the the mouse cursors etc.
Thank you for your comments Freedom-loving.
nice dude, but can you make the three buttons much closer, its kinda ugly so far apart
ZEUSosX's avatar
On ZEUSosX basic the three buttons as you see have the right position.

But on ZEUSosX aero ,as we have not more information about the code cotrolling the position of the 3 buttons which must have equal positions between them(mac style), for now we have 2 choices :
1. the 3 butons little much closer than i did but far away from the corner of the window, which i find ugly, in my oppinion,
2. the position i did, with some subdivisions.

the aero minimize, close and maximize buttons are widely spaced indeed. That happened because on stream the red microsoft close button is
bigger than the 2 others(and i dont know how to correct it using code). That means having 2 choices:
a. you make smaller distances of minimize, close and maximize buttons, but the buttons are going near the center of search bar (for right position of buttons), or
b. find a position as possible near the corner of the window,
with the most small and equal distance between the buttons.(that i did)

So it is not me, who like to make the buttons having bigger distances between them but i have to do because of the construction of the stream on the microsoft aero msstyle(visual style ) .

This is the best distances/positions i found, in my oppinion, under the circumstances .

for now that you ask can not be done because dont have the knowledge to do it (dont know to modify this part of the visual style code[which i suppose included on variant]) .

Thank you for your comment spikegotti .
mhking04's avatar
this is awesome :) great work!
ZEUSosX's avatar
thank you mhking04.
applefruit77's avatar
this is a rip off from my visual style i released 2 months ago in a forum!! i suggest to delete this instantly! I don´t want to see my work renamed into ZeusOsx in your gallery otherwise i will report you. :steaming: :pissedoff:
patrickgs's avatar
ey muck nicht auf hast du mich verstanden? komm nicht her und behaupte so ein scheiß sonst gibt es ärger ich hoffe du bist dir da im klaren!! geh und verarsch andere leute aber nicht hier mit uns!
ZEUSosX's avatar
you can see the previews of my work from may 2007 in deviant art and before to other forums also. All the elements are 1 year designed, all the hex edits (some also find by me , other from ukinel and psucob ), i never take no element from no one and that is known to everyone.
ekodaniel's avatar
wish you hade a blue window flag on it :( Suppose my request sucks huh lol. But looks great.
ZEUSosX's avatar
thank you ekodaniel . i had tried on past giving a blue in style of spotlight(=mac search blue ico) but it is not so simple .(i just made for people like you[and you asked first yhis on aeroexperience forum] the ZEUSosX DualBoot which has gray windows logo (dualboot mac style)[link]
i can not promiss , have little free time and even my theme is not completed- i try little by little to inproove it.Thanks again.
ekodaniel's avatar
very well thanks again zeus
i love it. great work zeus.
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