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Win ZEUS osX 64bit is a Mac OSX port for Windows (VISTA 64 bit version), made by IDAS = ZEUS osX.

This Theme pack is for **WINDOWS VISTA 64 bit ONLY**

Do not install it to windows vista 32bit version.
For a windows vista 32bit version system you have to download the 32bit theme version from [link]

As i did not test to my pc system , please be carefull, save first all the original dll you have to replace in a safe place, and INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

To use the ZEUS os X mstyle styles, you must install a Patched uxtheme.dll from [link] .

The theme will have some limitations in use, as i have not enough time to complete in the way i want.(use it only with 96dpi font size, leave the border pading to 1, etc read them on read me file which is including please)

I will try to make some different versions(not at once), and updates.

All features referenced in the Win ZEUS osX are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Thank you All of you, for your support.
Special thanks to UK Intel.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by ZEUS.
© 2007 - 2022 ZEUSosX
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Your links don't work.
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Absolutely amazing theme. I just put it on my computer and it is working great. Everything looks awesome, and I have to give you a major thank you for this.
can someone help im downloaded the file and it did a .zip i unziped it and its just a bunch of files. i want to apply the theme someone please help!!!
I have been using this cool program for my Vista Home Premium 64 bits. It is really cool!

I upgraded to Window 7 Home Premium 64 bits. And I want to use this Mac OSX theme for my OS too.

Any version for Window 7 Home Premium 64 bits.

HI,the Patched uxtheme.dll from [link] is dead, can you upload again. Thanks
i click on the link for the patched uxtheme.dll and it takes me to a page that talks about soundmax blackhawk drivers. where do i get the patched uxtheme.dll from.
nevermind i downloaded it. now that i have it downloaded and all of the files replace and copied in to the correct locations i am still not sure as how to enable to the theme. when i go and browse for the new theme it says to open .theme files. if i try to open the .msstyles file is tells me that it is not a valid theme.
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i have not 64 version so i cant help u .ask other people that using my msstyles on 64bit.[they have test it first to their computers and works ok, and then i had realeased it]
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Thank you! but why after installation I didn't get the bottom panel??
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this is status bar . u have yo open menu bar first.
set your mouse to the top line of favourite links to see the command tool bar then select organize, layout menu bar, then select view and then select status bar. if this all confuse u open the window my computer then press to the top of your keyboard the F10 THEN the menubar appear, then select view and then select status bar.then press again to the keyboard the F10 and menubar dissappeared. ok?

i will try to give a new version both for 32 and 64 bit version . sometimes if i dont answer send me posts.
hey dude... wass up?
yeah i kinda like this theme... but temme what is this "uxtheme.dll" ??!?!?

i'm kinda confused.. help me out.. peace.
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the visual style can be used on both 32 or 64 bit version of vista but the other kind of files have to be and there are modified files from 64 bit version of vista.
Well excellent skin, as I have said many times earliier on my review!

works comfortably on 96dpi, if only styler toolbar worked for Vista

But so far best mac looking theme!
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(I will try to improove it, and give solution to some of the limitations, but i dont promiss anything, as i have litle free time)

Also remember that this is my personal view(how do i feel that osx have to be), designed by me, and not a copy of what apple think is best for us.

(for example i believe that itunes6 version for osx was one of the best osx views, and apple kill it with grey new looking.
But this is just an oppinion)
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please get the 32 bit version to work id love to use it.
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download it here [link]
thank you jadawgis732 !
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Great work... looks very nice
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