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Blue Self-Portrait


Blue Self-Portrait is low resolution mobile phone's photo.


Taken and edit by Me.

Purpose : Using as a Web Cam Self-Portrait Picture.

Myself thoughts [link] [link] [link]

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Thank you you'r and u r supporters for hard work on mac themes.
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Thank you morinetti, for your presence and support me.

God bless you.
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Ah this is the nice person, who wrote me so kindly things :heart: YAY!
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Thank you very much for your comment.

Thats me.
i behave as i believe, not for be kind.

So you are very nice person [and this is the significant] with unique skill full gift of human feelings expression and heart.

Thank you.

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You honor your country, you honor your ancestors and Greek mythology, and you share your hard work and your vision.

Synapses are the storms of brain activity and you seem particularly well provided on that field.

Besides a big thank you I wish you a lot of fun in a long life.

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Thank you very much Jorge.

You are a very kind and inteligent person.

I wish you a good health in a long life and personal and family happines.

Thank you.
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God bless you and thanks for your amazing visual styles! Nice photo :)
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Thank you for your continious support in-dolly.

i have some problems in health with my eyes, so i dont know what will happen.

anyway thank you very much.
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nice picture, but it seems that Zeus is not happy :( and then will be thunders :( :D I love your theme :D you're doing an amazing work, can't wait to see more updates :D
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Thank you very nuch Misaki.

Thunders is a part of our life, as also love and respect is.

Thank you.

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Finally a face behind the work! HaHa I think I've been watching you for almost 2 yrs now! Love your themes, I can tell you really put a lot of effort into them. Thanks! Keep up the good work!
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Thank you for your continious support.

This support was the reason for realeasing my works and make your digital life happier.
That's Me.

thank you.
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