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Aero White Taskbar Theme for Windows 10 rtm



This is an Aero theme for Windows 10 RTM Build 10240 that have white start menu and white taskbar.

Also I have modify some images like the blue hover at the left of the window at the Navigation pane, as also the position of the vertical separator, not having any space between it and the blue hover at the left of the window at the Navigation pane, the close, maximise and minimise buttons etc etc  following the microsoft's style of designing, but under a personal view.

Same also to Taskbar we have blue hovers etc

Transparency to the white Taskbar, is given and control from freeware applications existed to Deviant Art.

Ribbon to Eplorer's window disabled as seen to the screen-shots, by using the free OldNewExplorer utility.

There 2 screen-shots , to the upper is without AeroGlass utility, the down has AeroGlass (transparency to window borders).

Made in Greece by Pavlos Pitselas (ZeusOsX) , 23 September 2015.



To use the visual styles ( mstyle) to your windows 10 system,  needed to use a patcher: For Windows 10  > download from :

or any alternative  > search to web for patcher for  windows

RESTART. (May need to restart 2 times, at some times)

DOWNLOAD the theme.

Copy all the files and folders included in the folder  ' Theme ', after unzip all files, and copy them  to  


provided C is your Windows drive).

Open  ["C:\Windows\Resources\Themes"] and choose the theme  'AeroWhiteTaskbar', select it, double clik to the theme for applying it.


Download one of the free utilities for making the white taskbar transparent, such as

Taskbar Transparency v2…
(set a value around 180 - 220 or any you like)


(set a value around 180 - 200 or any you like)


Install the freeware utility OldNewExplorer Version from (the bottom of web page), so you can dissappear the ribbon if you wish :…

(Do NO check the second choice 'Use libraries: hide Folders from this Pc', as this option does not work properly to Windows 10 RTM Build 10240, since now, check any other option)


For having transparent window borders (infact 'Titlebar' to this kind of theme) needed to download the Aero Glass for Win10 10.0.10240 utility from


For USING the  'Color and Appearance' window to Windows 10 rtm, to this specific theme you must follow these steps :

1. go to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes

double clik to 'Aero' theme, and apply it,  then first use my method so to appear the window  

'Color and Appearance' window to Windows 10 rtm, see how to…

2. After appear the 'Color and Appearance' window , go to  C:/Windows/Resources/Themes

double clik to the theme AeroWhiteTaskbar

Then go to the 'Color and Appearance' window and set the sliders as to the screenshot or any you prefer.


Bugs : From what I have seen to latest version of Opera the web adress Text dissapear to the Addressbar section, while the old good portable version of Opera appear and work ok.

But this bug is either a microsoft failure as none of the microsoft 'Ease of Access Themes' cooperating with the Addressbar Text of the latest build of Opera, or either the designers of Opera, or of both parts.

So either use opera portable, or other kind of web explorer, or use Aero theme.


Many MANY thanks to PandaX FOR THE RESPOND and help.

Also to DM-moinmoin, MrGrimm, 3am.

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