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7 / 4 / 2010 update and reuploaded

+ added 12 'New Themes by ZEUSosx' These new visual styles/themes have biger titlebar and more symetrical vertical distances in titlebar, and some other minor differences. [link]


[previous update 25 3 2010]


This pack of Themes is uploaded only for the users that in their right part of taskbar the clock imsage is cutted like you see in screenshot.
so if your taskbar's clock image looks like number 1 in the upper right part of the screenshot , you can download this themes here. Otherwise do not use them.
The only difference with those i have given you on my 'MACOS X for WINDOWS 7' is the position of the clock.

i dont know why this cutting happenned to the desktop of some users.
To my English partition of Windows 7 32 bit RTM and also to my Greek partition of Windows 7 32 bit RTM the clock is in the right position, symmetrical with the apple logo that exist to the left part of taskbar.
So i do not use them to my pc, as the previous one from 'MACOS X for WINDOWS 7' works fine.

Perchaps the size of desktop(i use 1280 x 800), or any unknown reason make this only to some people.

Anyway i upload this themes for them who needed ONLY.


UNZIP the Additional Themes pack , open the Additional Themes folder and copy all the files included to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes ,provided C is your Windows drive).
To use the visual styles ( mstyle) , you must install a small application, download from [link] .

for having mac os x behaviour to your system you must download my system files from my Macos X for Windows 7 THEMES.

so if you have a Windows 7 32 bit system download my:

Macos X for Windows 7 - 32bit [link]

if you have a Windows 7 64 bit system download my:

Macos X for Windows 7 - 64bit [link]

and follow the instructions of them


download Wallpapers from my ZEUS and POSEIDON [link]


I have added also this pargraph to my windows 7 mac style themes :


This Visual Styles/themes, are Copyright By : ZEUSosX (Pavlos Pitselas).

You Use This Visual Styles/themes, For Personal Use Only & Don't Modify or
distribute For Commercial Perposes & you cannot use them for their distribution, neither to give credit for their creation.

By downloading this Visual Styles/themes, you agree to the following conditions:

- This Visual Styles/themes, are free for personal use only.
- It must not be used commercially.
- You can distribute it for free as long as the files are unmodified and this text file is included with the zip file.
- You may not sell them or use them for profit.
- Do not take credit for creating this Visual Styles/themes.
- I am not liable for any sort of damage to your computer from using this Visual Styles/themes.

All features referenced in my work are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by Zeus.

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your work is great :D
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the taskbar is still windows help? :confused:
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everything is fine apart from the taskbar help? :confused:
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Really nice... i like leopard XW. however, one thing: can you move the option buttons so that they are right next to the browser buttons? and remove the eye button. i have snow leopard, and never have i seen that eye button.

really nice job. you have the color, caption buttons, scroolbars, everything PERFECT!!!! best job i have ever seen.

sweet man!
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Terima kasih!
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Can anybody PM me about how to install this theme on windows 7
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На русском кто-то объяснить как устанавливать?)
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Look my modified Windows 7 Home Premium with your perfect VS.[link]
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some things will be change to my styles have a look [link]
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In Windows Explorer in the Computer section, the labels "HARD DISK DRIVES" and "DEVICES WITH REMOVABLE STORAGE" appears only when it is hovered. So far the best Mac OS emulation. Regards.
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the difficult was to give different code to system files. those exist to:
Macos X for Windows 7 - 32bit [link]
Macos X for Windows 7 - 64bit [link]
if u use my system files u can have stripes on our window explorer when selected as details vor content, and different selected hover images depending the kind we choose: when selected the folders as icons differents, when selected the folders as details differents etc
its possible that i can re up date the visual styles / themes as from january 09 to january 10 i was working to code, and only transport my mac visual styles for vista [ZEUS os X F OS] to windows 7, but some parts they must a little be chabged, as for example the little window that appears when we select the clock in taskbar, see a new more simple version [link] , also a little changing in 'border combo box buttons', or the background of the list that appears when a nee toolbar is presented in taskbar , [i make it complete white] see [link] etc etc but i dont know when i reupload it.
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Thanks for your excellent work man. The only thing I complain on is that if you use large icons in taskbar the logo is not exactly in the is slightly upward. Otherwise keep up the good work
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u have right .
but the problem is that i have not find the way to control the sizing[and content] margins code in explorer.exe system file for controling it.
also some combo buttons needed to be skinned different for working and looking better but i have not energy now.[also i dont know how is possible as windows system has many limitations, even if u add code, this not work to system many times in many parts]
perchaps in future if God gives help.
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[if we centralised the start button logo to large icon it goes out of position to the small icons. perchaps i will give a version without any logo/= transparent logo button. all this happen because Windows 7 'does not' ''support'', taskbars with height smaller than 24 pixels, which i have written to microsoft , though no answer ]
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Could you make some tray-icons please? :)
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the reason that i have not made tray-icons in their system files is for having the less as possible system files [changing/replacement]for a mac style looking.

see this, for adding system tray icons, without changing any system file [link]
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And sorry for my english, but i'm not english man :d
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Amazing theme. Respect for you hard work. But every time when i restart my pc, the taskbar restore too big. And i don't know how to fix this.
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I have already given the solution , please read my Texts. on my ''Macos X for Windows 7'' Deviant art pages, in 'Tips' i have written how to resize, and what to do when restart:
-4. The windows 7 system behaviour to 22 pixel (small icon) taskbar is unbelieveable not applicable!
That means that everytime you log in to your system, taskbar becomes bigger[than 22pixels], and you have manually do this:
right clik to taskbar, select Properties, Uncheck Use small icons, Resize your taskbar as possible small, then check Use small icons and thats it.
To my system[32 bit win 7 rtm] I do this, i set first small icons taskbar size on top of desktop, after i set before shut down, or log off etc the taskbar to the bottom , when i log in i set the taskbar to the top and works ok
............. ''

so follow the solution and everytime you log in you will have small taskbar.
the only thing to remember is before shutdown, logoff etc to set the taskbar to bottom, and after log in to top.
if u forgot, do this set the taskbar to bottom, logoff, then log in set it to top. its quiq . thats it.
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So i have always to do this setings when i startup my laptop ?? :(
cuz the theme is so great , but i dont want to repeat it everytime i logon :O

is there nothing i can change in Regedit?? :|
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very nice mac theme for win7, but a little bugs to be fix. thx for your work!
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what exactly bugs, please?
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