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zeus world

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zeus world cosmos please see my blog  http://zeusosx.blogspot.com/ you can writte your comments and ideas or questions there. thank you.
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Hi Zeus 

I know you retired from windows customisation here and maybe won't answer , I respect that.

I'm also customizing windows system OS W10 , for my personal use now and I 'd like to know how you get commandbar not covering treeview layout as you did. I mean is there a simple way to do that without modding too much code in shellstyle. I tried several changes in vain.
Other than that you are very skilled and your work very nice . I can't imagine myself how many hours days months you spent to achieve such things ! 

oh I think we are close in the age.. born in 60's 
Best regards 
Give a screenshot of what you want to make and where.
Ιt's a matter of settings/parameters to the shell32 part that must added to shellstyle.dll(and the use of oldnewexplorer=so to be activated this added shell32_uifile code),  in order and to add the folderband=commandbar code.

I don't use win 10, so I am not sure if I can help you---->but i will use the code of the only theme i did on past for 10, supposing that will work. 
Hi Zeus and many thanks to your kindness for help.

I myself made custom visual styles and I'm completely stucked with something I thought you could be the one to find out how to. 

Here is a screen of the part I'd like to locate but I've search many weeks in vain. 

The pink part as treeview ( navigation pane or systreeview ) of explorer . I don't have any idea how to get rid of that to put some picture of my own.

This is an old pb posted too on style builder forums and doesn't seem to be in shell32.dll file . This argb background sure exists but where ? 

Btw , I already had some help to know how to mod the commandbar like I asked you so it's now ok . Thanks anyway. 

Here is a screen of what I'm looking for . 


Best regards 
no, needed construction of all code of Treeview. Someone on past  replaced the code of the 52 shell32_uifile with that of 9 shell32_uifile so he made the treview of vista in which at the top part you could add an image. have a look---->  www.vistastylebuilder.com/foru…

So perchaps could be if I could remade all the code, or adding a new ' condition'  parameter that doew not exist and the system may accept it. Its difficult and neeeded time and luck for this..
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You are the best designer, not just because your taste is fantastic but also that you code other aspects of OS like shell32.dll and imageres.dll etc
Many thanks for the +fav +fav