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Barack Obama

An experiment with the portrait of Barack Obama. Blew up the head intentionally.
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Help me to find Mr. Jasper Schuringa and send him this message that I am intended to buy one of his used underpants at the price of 1000$ and complete my installation art.……

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Nice. Obama is awesome.
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Hehe, really? Look to syria or lybia how people thinks about you
"Democracy hero"!
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Get out of here Conservatard. If the guy likes Obama then leave them alone.
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And you also glad about eavesdropping you're mobile phone's,
corruption, arrests innocence american citizent and bombing lybia, syria
in name of democracy :?
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And you’re okay with supporting aggressive tensions with North Korea and also introducing police brutality
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The head almost reminds me of Goldeneye, with its planky style.
I like that.
Was it intentional?
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hey.. obama is looking for kyle as well.
He IS a Nazi! I KNEW IT!
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Osama should go fry in the Global Warming that's "melting" the globe.
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It's important to look up to the leader, but it is also impotant to look into what he is doing.
Please, watch the movie below. Fall of the Republic. It's an important movie that shows what is happening with the economy and other affairs.
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Oh look. The devil. [link]
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You blew up his head? How could you!!
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cool style.

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I like the geometric approuch you took to communicate the different parts of the face, it's really interesting. Something I would say to work on is to show a little more of the underside of the jaw, if you are looking up at him. But besides that, it's an outstanding portrait of an outstanding man!
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=) thanks for the compliment and the constructive comment will take note of it ;)
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Beautiful artwork! It looks just like communist propaganda art! Which is appropriate since he is a stealth Marxist!
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And you are an overt fool.
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