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I Lost My Love to Humanity
If anybody's out there,
please lend a hand to calm the storm inside.
There's a civil unrest in my heart.
I can see the flowers we trampled on so long ago.
Pedals lost and drifting in the air,
like the minds of our generation.
We must run until we reach the sky.
Help me escape from the prison within.
I found a truth in the lies of our long lost secret.
A truth that no one comes back from beyond.
Too young and blind to see this place from afar.
Will you return in the summer for me?
I fear you may never come back.
At times it feels like,
I've lost the one I love to humanity.
An eternity up against the wall.
Bruised and bloody,
my fists continue to collide against the brick.
One day it will fall,
and reveal the riot concealed behind.
And still I wait to run free beside you.
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Silent Woe
Hello there darkness,
I see you following my footsteps.
Your face is so bleak,
engulfing every trace of light you lay eyes on.
Was it you standing before me?
When I was lying at death's bed,
repeating the same cycle.
I fear I've become too cold,
and have been gone for far too long.
Distant from this world,
this place now lives only in my dreams.
Stay with me my friend,
darkness you've given me this woe.
You walk beside me now,
smiling as you take away my light.
A giant you seem,
but only a shadow to my fears.
Perhaps I've befriended you out of despair,
and perhaps you've created me out of anguish.
I run to the sea to lose you,
but the path slowly fades.
Washed away are the remnants of my past.
A world left to my memories,
surviving are only the ghosts...
of a once so bright and eternal light.
Live beside you I must,
only to protect the will of a dying world.
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Le Visage de mon Coeur
The birds are singing the anthems of a new life.
Look into my pale heart.
Le visage de mon coeur,
en train de pleurer sur vos mains.
This black water reflecting the devastations of this post-world.
Close your eyes my sons,
this is no sight for you all to watch.
These kings are chanting the tunes of a dead world.
Fallen are their leaves,
foreshadowing an eminent death in their hands.
Symphonies for the deph,
how can peace be found under these blind eyes?
Prophecies are only proclaimed deaths.
The birds are singing the anthems of a new life.
In these silent waters lies the truths.
Thousands of dead souls forging their hearts to an apocalypse,
only in hopes of a peaceful and silent dream.
Echoes resonating within their chambers,
foretelling of destined heroes arriving from the skies.
Only an illusion trapped inside my heart.
To protect our so called freedoms,
we hide under these false dreams.
Hoping that the world will design the truth to guide us home.
Never again shall the birds sing an
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Misato Katsuragi by Zeus00 Misato Katsuragi :iconzeus00:Zeus00 9 4 Desktop December 08 by Zeus00 Desktop December 08 :iconzeus00:Zeus00 0 2 dA ID 09 by Zeus00 dA ID 09 :iconzeus00:Zeus00 0 0
Passed Away
Saw you there in the room,
standing in the delicate moonlight.
Pale and cold staring at the empty bed.
The glow in your eyes,
dying like a sick tree.
Passed your life away in the blink of an eye,
while searching for peace of mind.
You've lived a dream as reality,
longing for breath of life once again.
Still trapped in the flames of a mourning soul.
Cracks in the wall show signs of grieving.
With a breeze blowing from the windowpane,
gently showing the outline of your lucid body.
I see the pain of a burden with closed eyes,
see your scars showing and growing in the dark.
Their Gods swallowed the sun,
to keep you at bay from their dying world.
Lost in the cold white light of eternity,
never to share your burden,
never to find peace and tranquility.
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There's a fear starting to rise,
all inside me.
I've tried to be sorry,
but all I feel in return is pain.
I want to be closer,
but your heartbeat fades faster and faster.
And all I want to be is closer.
As these bonds grow older,
the roots begin to stretch to reach eternity.
Sometimes I feel so alone though.
But the noise I make is the love I create.
And the tuning of transmissions in my heart,
send out the waves of an endless masquerade.
Somehow I knew,
I knew this could never last.
Suppose I counted down the days,
after that silent and peacefull night.
How I would like to make it right.
Speak to me,
show me the way to that guiding light.
I can see your judgement,
rotting away in solitude.
Away from the warmth of the sun.
The empty spaces in me,
is where I hide from the world.
Looking through my eyes,
you can see the sharp pain inside.
But all I wanted was to be closer,
and maybe live in your life.
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dA ID 08 by Zeus00 dA ID 08 :iconzeus00:Zeus00 0 1
Dreaming Alone
I find myself afraid to see,
whats behind the wall.
Try to walk that path alone,
but I trip over the stones.
In the dead cold of this winter,
my hands freeze to the bone.
You could be dreaming,
and you won't even know.
Drift from memory to memory,
each one more vacant than the other.
The walls between each grow thicker,
impossible to reach the so distant thoughts.
Crowds of people,
all sworming around in the city.
I find it too hard to pass the time there.
You could be dreaming,
and you won't even know.
I find myself believing in this illusion.
People wanting to help,
but I know that I'm truly alone.
Searching for a smile,
But all I see around is cold.
You could be dreaming,
and you won't even know.
This life is but a concept of reality,
each slide a moment in time.
I could be dreaming,
and I wouldn't even know it.
I drift from memory to memory,
each one more vacant than the other.
I fear whats behind the walls.
As they grow thicker,
I find it impossible to reach the so distant ones.
:iconzeus00:Zeus00 2 1
They'll Come, They Come by Zeus00 They'll Come, They Come :iconzeus00:Zeus00 0 1
Sometimes you're left wondering,
why this change has happened so quickly?
Was it something you did?
You blame yourself,
and never does the pain quit.
My stomach turns,
and suddenly I feel sickened.
Cries in despair,
my soul has become so weak.
Sometimes you're left wondering,
why this change has happened so quickly?
And I'm kneeing down at the door,
in this darkened room.
I hope to leave this all behind,
and maybe heal my weakened soul.
My heart aches,
and suddenly I feel sickened.
Screams in despair,
and my soul has become weaker.
Please take it away,
and all the love I have burried inside me.
I feel like I've failed,
like my words mean nothing at all.
Reaching for an escape,
but being too far away to open it.
Behind the doors,
I can see the white light.
Sometimes you're left wondering,
why this change has happened so quickly?
Perhapse sleep is the only key to remaining,
once and for all in sanity.
A whisper is all that's heard,
in this field of gray desolation.
And sometim
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Pathways And Gates
I remember staying awake for hours,
all alone thinking about you.
Wishing I could turn back the clocks,
and make it all start over again,
On this sleepless night,
maybe I'm afraid to let go of you.
Nobody wants to be alone in the end,
only to be put away in solitude for the rest of time.
If you're my chains,
then never will I be able to break them.
I'll always feel love for you.
And these bonds that keep us together,
will they always remain timeless in our hearts?
Because I know I've done some wrong,
and all I hope is forgiveness will be found in your hands.
I've had some time alone to think about this.
Do you ever wonder why the stars shine so bright?
Maybe because they reflect my love for you,
but you're too blind to see them through the darkened sky.
Your pretty face is all I see when I close my eyes,
no not the scars you've left on my back,
or the tears that have drowned me in despair.
Will I die alone?
Without anyone to guide me through the bright light.
If I ever reach the gates,
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Tentazione Segreta
Someday paradise will reach us all.
We'll walk among this lonesome path,
and over the long wooden bridge ahead of us.
To once again meet with those lost,
and forever remain with those loved.
All anathemas of this world will be turned,
and loss of night skies be brightened by our love.
Soon enough we will hide our eyes from the lies,
and turn away from all that is blind.
Prayers won't help us now,
and never will.
The sky is unified with bright and dark shades all at once.
Flower pedals blown away in the winds of a coming storm,
and bells ringing the sound of an eternal dream.
Truth is blind inside these palms,
and these piles of dust grow larger with each passing rainbow.
Glidding through the sky like a shooting star,
don't we all wish we could fly away from here?
Let go of all these dead manias we hold on to.
Sometimes we must take these hands,
and abandon all that we clinge onto in life.
Sleepness nights left forlorning these lost loves,
and foreshadowing our futures in oblivious mann
:iconzeus00:Zeus00 1 2
Sleeping Judgement
Despair is trying to break in here.
Time is giving out,
and soon enough the wounds will open.
Why must it always come around here?
I still don't understand the reason why.
When the fear returns to breathe,
the spark in our hearts ignites.
It must have been there for years,
never could we feel it before though.
Before we were miles apart,
I gave you an endless sacrifice.
Opening myself to feel your black light.
Sadly you were in company of a deceiver.
Simple love messages coming from high and low obstacles,
the damage is done bruising my faith.
Let me defend myself now.
And for your sake,
time is on my side, my son.
Your shelter has vanished in the darkness,
and now you're left with nothing but your own fearsome melodies.
Fragments of connections rip off from the surface.
And underneath,
all you can find is the remnants of an empty past.
We existed only in the sleeping memories of our minds.
You pushed me into the light without a judgement or sentiment,
not realizing it would be the exi
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Lake of Cycles
You'll never feel what I can feel.
I've left this year for you to hear,
the silent screams and shouts of fear.
I've written this down for you to know,
that I've been here before.
Time escapes through these pages.
Day after day,
it seems like all we can do is wait.
And I've felt your breath close before,
warm and sharp down my neck.
What seems like it could have been an eternity.
Swimming in a dead sea of hope and love.
People trying to change others for better,
only to send their minds back into isolation.
And a day by the lake is all that's left of this peacefulness.
There's tears running down your face.
I believe you should run,
run far away from here.
The seasons change with time,
but your tears will always remain the same.
Faceless shapes surrounding me.
Can't seem to tell reality from these dreams.
A heavy sound bangs on my ears,
like the sound of drums calling out my fears.
Feels like drowning,
further down into a deepless crack.
I write all this d
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