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Milo - Pokemon Sword and Shield

Gotta appreciate Milo, the new Gym Leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
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So funny! Milo is my favorite gym leader from S&S....though that might just be because he'd be my type if he were real.blush

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yo I made art of him about veggies just now X0D
G y m  L e a d e r  M i l o by justanotherMARR
you're so much better at shading, could you please give some advise? ;-;
Lolw3e932's avatar
Great drawing, I have a question... 
Do we say "So, I did!"
or do we say "So, did I!" as an answer. ?
I'm no native, thanks in advance.
TotalDramaFan16's avatar
0 to 100 real quick!
Lady-Starbind's avatar
This comic is amazing, 10/10! :D
raulhedgebomber's avatar
He is fucking Mamadisimo!
Eat your vegetables motherfucker! I’m mamadisimo!
Pretzelicious's avatar
hahahahahahah this is amazing oh my gosh.
I don't know what I love more, the whole personality display that I would never imagine for Milo or the veggie joke because he's a Grass type trainer x,D
Ataritoka's avatar
with arms like those, he should have been the fighting type gym leader XD
EvanKlein1's avatar
milo has the most stupid design ever
LadyMosiacSlime's avatar
Do you want to fight?
EvanKlein1's avatar
no just an opinion although im more fonded with nessa instead ;)
LadyMosiacSlime's avatar
Nessa is just another waifu material character to me
EvanKlein1's avatar
the reason why i do not like milo is that in the gameplay he has no nose
LadyMosiacSlime's avatar
He does. When he turns to the side you can see it
EvanKlein1's avatar
yeah design errors
LadyMosiacSlime's avatar
Boo hush! Milo is still a beautiful boi! He just has some flaws
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Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
Oh, so this is the Pokemon Gun version people were so much talking about...
meme battle
Scottish girl vs grass fed beef.
my first thought when i saw milo was that the lad is actually only ten.
the lad dynamaxed himself for that bod, that's why he's a gym leader
MinitailsElanBleu's avatar
Au moins, là on voit son nez !
Si c'est le champion plante, j'ai peur d'avance du champion combat xD
KellyLVLUPDA's avatar
This has me rolling
Markiplier Laugh 
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