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Pokemon Gaia Project Tileset 1

Tree's Tileset.
Check my profile for credits.
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Can I use this for my game? If yes, I'll credit you.
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Can I use these trees for my fangame? :D
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Hi,my friends and I are doing a Pokemon hack,we need some tilesets so can we
use this one,you will get all Credits and sorry for my english i come from SERBIA!!
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Hi, I'm doing a topic in a Pokémon forum with a lot of tileset resources.
I was wondering if I could be able to post yours, I'll put credits and I'll give you the topic's link.
Thanks in advance,
VentusisAwesome's avatar
Can I use them? I'll give credit :3
They're just so detailed! And cool! :O
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lovely tiles
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Great tiles! Do you think I could use them if I gave you credit?

:sleep: :blahblah:
:sleep: :blahblah:
:sleep: :whisper:
:sleep: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:
:blahblah: :whisper: :blahblah: :blahblah: :chainsaw:
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Do you think that maybe you can let me use them? I would give credit naturally.

Awesome tile set by the way.

I love you! Now gimme your Swiss Cheeses! :evil laugh:
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Who made the palm tree at the top?
Ouilah's avatar
PeekyChew's avatar
Who made the first four trees on the second row down?
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Really really nice tiles, I really like the fourth tree it's kind of strange for Pokemon, but it's nice, u captured the colors and the red ones are great too.

Congratulations n.ñ!
Aliga-M-Fous's avatar

I said that it was beautiful.
Aliga-M-Fous's avatar
Non, d'un arceus. *o*
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Sorry, my french is horrible, could you translate it.
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wow! I really like those trees!!
you had a good idea!
I like the ones in the second line ^^
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are these free to use?
Looks quite nice. What's the Pokemon Gaia project then? (although I would guess its a fan-game?)
kox9sxe's avatar
Yeah, i really don't understand what's that Gaia project about?
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