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(CW: Violence)
Flash of knife and slap of meat,
cry of pain or curdled scream,
walk up on her from behind.
Unawares, slash her heart lines.
'gainst the the blue car let her bleed.
Let her writhe, and let her scream.
Him, rejected, by who, her?
And complained to manager?
Lost his job and lost his pay,
had nothing to lose they say.
Didn't see her as a queen,
nor even a peasant, seems.
Let her see the hate-filled eyes
eyes of one she'd realize
simply wanted her to "share",
eyes that stalked with every stare.
Let her writhe and let her fall,
Add her name to the deads' wall.
One of twelve? Hell, kill them all.
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 1 1
My name... is Zeta.
I'm not the same as most.
I've always been a little bit... /different/.
I've always been a little bit... /strange/.
Nobody knows what to make of me, least of all myself,
and nobody knows how I die.
[a pause]
Many have tried to slash my throat,
to bleed me dry as bone.
Many have pierced, ripped out their spears
as I but scream and moan.
Many have come to hear my cries,
to take their bloody turn.
Many have come to try to end this dragon
who will not burn.
My scars, beyond those mortal men
ever had right to cast,
have yet not hardened my dark heart.
My light in it holds fast.
I know they come because they fear,
they fear the wrath they hold,
the hate, disgust, they hold for me
but which rips /their/ dark hearts cold.
I know their pain; I've felt it too.
I've lived as they do now,
And though they ever strike at me
I've lived and live through /all/.
[a pause]
Some call me a sorceress,
Some call me a mage.
Whoever I am... /Whatever/ I am, I chose the road I walk.
I have c
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 1 0
The rage within that I now feel
compels me now to write,
to share a vision, bloody red,
of your last desperate night.
The rage within that rises strong
that rips throughout my heart,
it sings the song of pain and weight
and rips my mind apart.
The anger, despair, knife's edge deep
lodged deep within my heart
compels me now to put pen to
this most accursed art.
For I now write to share my pain
to spread my hate and rage
to shatter walls and countries vast
with bloody, ruined page.
And so I say, to you who chose
to you who chose this path
to you who hatred chose and mocked
you will now feel my wrath.
And when these words are done at last
you will not then survive
the blasted hulk of your rent bones
will shatter, and divide.
For now I summon wrath and hate
to make my message clear;
I summon futures now destroyed
and children, raised in fear.
I summon furies of the storm
and monsters dwelling deep
and now I sick them all on you
to haunt your broken sleep.
I summon demons, horned and black
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 1 0
[Content warning: Angry, vicious imagery.]
Pitter patter, drip and drop
Can you see them? Can you not?
See them spatter, see them fall
see them sprayed upon the wall.
See those that your knives have cut.
See their hearts and ripped out guts.
See them fall beneath your sword,
all of them, across the world.
Tiny rivers, crimson red,
flowing from the endless dead,
join together, break your wall,
drown you, drown them, drown us all.
See the field to which they fly.
See them stagger, shatter, die.
See their parents mourn with grief,
for their children, killed like sheep.
See them stagger; see them cough.
See one, then another, drop.
See your vic'try shaded red.
See them all, your endless dead.
Doff the flags and ev'ry light.
Hide the colors, oh so bright.
Hope has left these lands, forsook.
Burn them now, our hated books.
Kill them all who'd raise a hand,
every one, across this land.
Scythe them down like wheat and chaff.
In your office, oval, laugh.
Know that when your thugs are through,
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 3
Yes, It Really Matters
Yes it really matters.
Yes, it hurts inside.
Yes, to all the fees and care
to heal my broken mind.
Yes, to doctor's visits.
Yes, to DMV.
Yes, to lines unending,
so at last I can be.
Yes, I say, or tell myself,
the one who hurts inside,
the tortured, wounded little girl
who's barely still alive.
Yes, to tears unending.
to terror, shaking, cold.
Yes, I'm terrified of this,
but my heartstrings must hold.
I don't know how, but I must try
to live with what I have
to give myself a chance at life
as I now truly am.
Mere weeks ago, a mem'ry came,
myself, at four years old.
My heart was broken even then,
I could not fit the mold.
I did not know for longest time
how to describe my pain
or even what transgender was
my hurt had not a name.
Anxiety, in spades, you see,
conspired me to grip
with daggers deep within my heart
and threat that they would rip.
And so it took a thousand days,
and even more besides,
before I trusted anyone
and let them see inside.
I trusted you; I trust you now;
I trust yo
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 2
Defeat Is Not Surrender
Defeat is not surrender,
nor is darkness light.
Though pain may overwhelm us
it cannot stop our bright.
Defeat is not surrender,
nor is the battle lost.
Defeat is not surrender,
though we have paid great cost.
For in our hearts a forest grows,
its branches strong and green,
and our forests will grow again
though all we hear is keen.
It seems to drown out all we know.
It seems to black out light.
But if you listen carefully,
your heart will guide you right.
Much pain endured, many hearts lost
we've hurt and we've despaired,
but we are stronger than you know.
We wear the heroes' pale.
Music, as strong as candlelight
that lights until the dawn
will honor and will shine with you
till all your fears are gone.
And if you listen closely,
and if you listen close,
Music will teach you secrets,
the language magic spoke.
That language that we long thought dead
that death and pain had beat
is not something that can be killed
and it still sings as sweet.
As sweet as music ever was
and once again sh
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
I Don't Know How
I don't know how to shine with joy.
I don't know how to weep.
I don't know how to holiday.
All joy at last seems cheap.
I don't know how to dance and laugh.
I don't know how to cry.
I don't know how to bear this pain,
and I fear that I'll die.
I don't know what family should mean
I don't know what joy lies
in arms of those that should love me
and in those bonds that tie.
My heart, you see, is broken now
as broken as it has been
and I do not know how to heal
the wounds that just won't mend.
I don't know how to fill the hole
or how to find the warmth
that in my distant mem'ry calls
when I still had self worth.
In those days I knew safety.
In those days I knew warmth.
In those days I knew fireplace
and tree beside the hearth.
I use to light that tree you see.
I use to light it all.
From tiny spiral deep within
to star above it all.
But somewhere along that long way
I lost something not found.
And mind, my mind, shattered at last
as though it fell to ground.
I don't know when the fear blew
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
Fall of city, fall of heart,
fall of those we trusted,
fall of hope and candlelight,
and blasted hellscapes, rusted
fall of light, and fall of life
and fall of dust and heartbeats,
the world watches and pretends
they cannot see us deletes.
For that is what we would become
would not with dear time's passing
the world know we fought and bled,
and at the last, and died gasping.
We sought to stand as you have claimed
neighbor helping neighbor
but some amongst us with their hate
pushed you away, our savior.
And still we stand, now at the last,
white helmets far from gleaming
hoping against hope these poor souls
may one day 'member, dreaming
that though we lost and though we died
and though the world now darkened
these souls may dream of candlelight
and too kinship, then, hearken.
These tiny souls, these innocents,
the bullets closing in
cannot begin to understand
my weeping violin.
The choking dust is closer now,
air heavy, harsh with gas.
Barrel bombs, mortars, missile strikes
are sure to
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
Shield Of The West
Magics, magics, come to me.
Come and stop this dark.
You are needed now, now *here*
to shield and heal the heart.
Come and shimmer 'long bows of glass,
through deep stone entomb-ed vaults,
come shimmer strong and shine with light,
and this darkness now halt.
You see my wounds, you see my blood,
you see my heart ripped open,
and yet you see not where it seems
hope's light is still now woven.
A knife may in my deep-heart be,
but if you think that mortal,
you know not what dragon you face,
"I will heal," I chortle.
Now, you who stood and you who saw
and you who still saw nothing
you who did not care (did not know!),
can you still tell me "nothing?".
And you who did... you who chose dark
I extend hands towards you.
I seek the peace within your heart
that you long sought to undo.
I seek the cage within your chest,
the bars that lock your heart.
I seek them now with scalpel sharp,
and I well know my art.
The pain of others you have seen,
and yet you have avoided,
the pain that haunts their v
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 1 0
We enter times of darkness now,
the wounded and the shaken,
the times that would us now destroy,
if we should not awaken.
But still I hear dear freedom's call.
I hear its march and chime
and if you now just listen close
you'll see it still yet shines.
Now as one, we will stand tall,
against these men of pain,
against all those who hurt our joy,
who bring tears like the rain.
If I must lead, let it be now.
Let me stand strong and tall,
Let us together break these chains
Let not the darkness fall.
For we have beauty, dreams, and light,
and they have none they fight for.
They've only pain, a pain that binds
a pain that we seek to cure.
I say again, we know it's cure,
for we have dreams and light,
for we have suffered, grown more whole,
and bloomed against the night.
They think they know our weakness now,
and we may well be weak,
but they know not the strength within
that now, at last, must speak.
They know not resolve, know not strength;
they do not know our love.
But they will hear our v
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
The Torch Is Lit
The torch is lit
the gauntlet thrown
the steel glints in darkness
and now it comes to us at last
to defend 'gainst this harshness.
The trumpet blasts,
the arrows fall,
but we will not be shaken
for within us dragons' blood flows,
"These lives will not be taken."
So listen now ye sheltered folk,
ye trembling in darkness,
and listen now yet hearts gone cold,
ye broken, and ye heartless.
We'll not become that which we fight,
but fight we ever shall,
for each kind heart,
our cherished art,
and freedom's shining sail.
You would not do
to judge to quick
those who now stand to face you.
We are not those you ought to fear;
in love, we will embrace you.
We seek your hearts
to join with ours
to build a better world
a kinder, gentler, novel place,
where fear's banners stay furled.
It won't be quick;
it won't be light,
this burden we now don,
but we accept and raise our lights
to watch until the dawn.
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
As you might guess from the title, I've not really recovered from the last week, or even the weeks leading up to it. It still feels like a dream I don't know how to wake up from, a knife lodged deep within my heart.
I don't know how it came to this.
Intellectually, I do, but emotionally, it hurts too much to think about. To think of those we've already lost, those we will lose, and all the pain and suffering this has already caused. The price we pay for this mistake is not just in property. Not even just in lives. The price we will pay is the heart-breaking of an entire generation.
My heart is already broken. I don't know what to do. I know what I should do, what avenues there are to help comfort and fight against what is and white will be, but it hurts so much I can't even move, hurts so much I can barely get out of bed in the mornings. It is as though I have an anchor chained to a bolt embedded in my heart, and I have not the strength to remove it.
I keep trying to piece it back toge
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
Today my heart broke for a friend
for one I care for deeply
one who struggles with bitter curse
one that would end her cheaply.
My heart, thus broken, sang and wept
for deep depression's mire
for manic impulse, shattered mind,
that seeks the garrote wire.
But this I know, and this I seek
the heart behind the pain,
that brilliant shining wondrous light
that crystal without stain.
For in her heart, and in her mind
there lives a greater beauty
than all the world itself yet knows
though her pain keens acutely.
I know not future, know not past,
yet this, at last I know.
This fox with shining purple hair,
she must not ever go.
For in this world there are too few
too few hearts yet so fine
and it would break my heart and yours
if hers no longer shined. >.
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
Heavy Heart
(This was originally posted as a journal at, but I feel it should be included here, as it also contains a very important (to my heart) poem.)
Finally cried last night, and boy did I cry a lot. I know I've talked about tears before, after Kubo, and after a few other small moments here and there. Up until now, though, I haven't cried tears for me. I've cried situationally, cried for what I saw and what it made me feel, but never for myself. Never.
Last night, I cried, and it hit my like a truck. Wandering though files on my server, I found first AMV Hell, and then the Read or Die OVA, something I've watched many times before. Last night, though, it finally cracked me.
I've seen it before and laughed at the exploits of "The Paper!" and the trouble the rest of the crew goes to to keep her alive. I've watched a story of pain and seen the terrifying power of kindness, a story that breaks the world. And yet, I never saw it, never felt, never saw my heartstrings. I
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0
On Broken Wings
A little bit of silence
A little bit of thought
A little bit of mischief
And love that life forgot
A little bundle sleeping
And curled through the night
A little kitten weeping
Alone at dawn's fresh light
These are the briefest moments,
the wings on which we fly,
the smallest of our fierceness,
by which we grace the sky.
So in this darkness airborne,
I write these sacred words,
To hold and keep a friendship,
a bond across the world.
Those moments tender, breathing,
those moments holding close,
those moments in the sunshine,
or broken on the coast.
Those moments in the darkness,
those moments all alone,
those moments that remind us,
where 'xactly lies our home.
Those moments broken, weeping,
those moments full and new,
those moments held and cherished,
I'd spend them all with you.
Those moments are all different,
though we all all the same,
and though in life and love and hate
we see through diff'rent frame.
But still we soar upon them,
those broken, tattered wings,
and hope to one day
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 2 0
With Broken Hearts
With broken hearts we hold the line
With broken hearts we tremble
With broken hearts and broken minds
we shall forev'r assemble.
That hateful deed,
the blood thus spilled,
in name of rage and hate,
it shall not be forgotten
and time will make us great.
And though we stagger
and though we fall
and though with bright blood flashing
the hearts of those we leave behind
another world will fash'n.
No longer quiet, no longer mild,
their anger and their sadness,
will change the world we left for good.
Their love will halt this madness.
The fight for peace,
the fight for love,
the fight for understanding,
these are the things we wept and cried
and now have died for, dancing.
Though we now rest,
you must fight on;
you must not let them break you.
Rebuild the world we left behind
and make us proud; we love you.
:iconzetasyanthis:ZetaSyanthis 0 0


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Finally starting to post a few things here. :) Backlog go!


Zeta Syanthis
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Hiya! It's Zeta, and I've staked out this little spot on the interwebs as a home of sorts. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, or what I plan to do with it, but I guess we'll all get to find out together!

Although I hid it for a long long time, I now relish in my strangeness and that of those around me. I'm not normal, and increasingly convinced that no one else is either... Some are too uptight to admit it, but that's not something I can help them with, and it's not something that I'm going to restrict myself based on any longer.

I make friends based on who you are, not what you are, what you look like, or what you like. I only ask the same courtesy in response. I'm willing to chat about pretty much anything, no matter how awkward or personal it may be. I've learned that secrets are just another thing to fear, and I think I've finally stopped fearing mine. I love to help people understand themselves, and every time I get the opportunity, it helps me to understand myself too.

Most of my content ends up posted here, but sometimes I forget! My main feeds are over at:


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