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Seasons of Okami

By zetallis
Okami fanart that I did for ACen'08, was also made into individual bookmarks. How I love that game <3

Okami © Capcom
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© 2008 - 2021 zetallis
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How cute... Is it Ama or Chibi?
akarifan25's avatar
it looks like ammy... :3
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Still haven't played the game, but Amaterasu is still an incredibly adorable and badass goddess. Nice work, on making her even more adorable.
Siamcat-Demeter's avatar
i saw someone who had one of your chibis as a tattoo. did you gave the permision?
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saanaraccoon's avatar
Oh my this is lovely! <3
gummydog's avatar
b e a utiful!.
OtakuKippgirl's avatar
WAY too cute!! <3
mitch-rideout's avatar
OMG, i absulutely love it <3
Rorrim-J-Tori's avatar
So cute! I love Okami, it's such a great game
Lioness626's avatar
These are so adorable!
latias15's avatar
can i use it as my book wallpaper please(personal use only)!!
zetallis's avatar
I'm not really sure what you mean by book wallpaper?
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excuse me i'm not good in English normally i speak arabic.By wallpaper i meant cover i want to customize my book cover with your chibi okami on so i ask for permission(can I).
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Sure, as long as it's for personal use only :)
latias15's avatar
thank you very much!!!
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Those are so adorable!X3
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