Let me be your wings
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Well the lineart and concept was nice >.> ;; Then I went a ruined it with color. Really, I loathe the coloring. Especially Aerith's face. Ew!! But I thought the concept was nice enough to not toss the whole thing. I'd put it in Scraps but I don't want to argue with people. Oh and I was an idiot and accidently saved over the layered file, so it's not like I can fix it now unless I go to alot of trouble. Though for some reason I do like the top half of Cloud's cape though o.o;

Was intended to be sold as a print at NDK..but I'm no so sure anymore x.x Besides, with the glows it's print out badly.

Kingdom Hearts Cloud and Aerith (c) Square Enix

[edit] Fixed up Aerith's face and changed the text with alot of help from though I don't know if she would approve of the text still XD; Thank you so much for the help Chyu ;_;

So I hate it less now XD;

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Beautiful piece!!
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RosalinaItami|Student Traditional Artist
Amazing! :iconamazingplz:
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so beautiful 8333.
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whats this from
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Mental4Metal666|Student General Artist
this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
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just awesome i have no other words for this picture i can seem to find them
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CoNSu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woow I saw the pic years ago when i didn't have Deviant account but i'm glad to see it again.. really love it that i tryed to draw for my art class :D
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*falls over* omg... its beautiful
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ari-berry|Student General Artist
Their expressions are absolutely lovely. (: And I love how Aerith's dress kind of fades into the water; it's a really nice effect. And their hair is so perfect! <3 (How is it that everyone can draw hair but me?!)
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I Love That.
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Liz-AAA|Professional Digital Artist
you maybe heard this like 100 times. But this is so cute >.<

I got some cool pics, if you are interested... *the edge of despair...FF7* *Cloud is dead* and more!!! <3
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I actually love this. Trust me when I say you did not screw up the color - it's beautiful! The fact that you can draw more than stick figures shows you have enough talent for me to gawk at.

It's beautiful, like I said. Love the wings, the details, the background, everything. I've already favorited it. =)
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cleris4ever|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is gorgeous

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Ana-D|Hobbyist Photographer
Hi =)

This work has been featured here: [link]

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chasingsirens|Professional General Artist
woow, her wings are so beautiful! :D
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Wow... this is amazing. *_* I love it.
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Absolutley beautiful. <3
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this is amazing.
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DavidDeb|Professional Traditional Artist
you've been featured on my 'Best of' Final Fantasy on DA:)
have a nice day
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zetallis|Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for including this image ^_^
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