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Egyptian Gods



Ignim had arrvied! I was so eager to put her next to Ender (I almost forgotten that I have such a doll). >< And... WOW~ :love: *hug them* I always love the mystery things about Egypt and their religions. And when SOOM released Ender, I grabbed it though I don't have a character for it. Likewise for Ignim, I knew I have to get her when SOOM released her end last year. I had a struggle with her skin tone though, but I am glad that in the end I chose the normal skin. I think those rich Egyptian ladies should be quite fair. The different in skin tones seem to break the monotonous. XD

Well well... I still have them standing like this next to me and I can't bear to put them back in the boxes! It have been a long while that I am feeling like this after Kenji's arrival. ><
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How much did they cost?