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By Zet206
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This is my most recent picture (because I just took it five minutes ago xD ) My hair is dark brown with fading bronze high lights. Tomorrow, I might be getting my hair cut, and then Saturday I'm getting it dyed.
But I have a question for you guys... do you think it will look good on me?
I'm getting my hair cut like this [link] and I want it dyed like this [link]
Do you think it will look good on me? Please be honest!
The colors are black and red, not black and pink.
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Eevee-Magican's avatar
I think that you'll look great! ^-^ by the way, thats a nice picture of you, I hope that you'll like your decition in getting your hair changed! ^-^
XSkellyX's avatar
Oooo, cool look! I think anything ya do 'll look good :D
jessica1493's avatar
im gunna die my hair red 2 except no black just red ...and gina has it cuz i left in her purse so im not gunna do it any time soon lol
jessica1493's avatar
that look you want to get sounds hot you should definately get it
uzumaki-demon-gurl's avatar
yeah i think you would anyway getting hair dyed is scary somtimes my mom is debating wether to let me or not one time she dyed her whole head bright red but i'm gonna dye black lowlights and red highlights thats my plan anyway i know idont really know you but i think i'm strting to sound like a stalker 0.o sorry
Zet206's avatar
no, I know what a stalker sounds like *cough* *akira* *cough*
I'm dying my hair black wit red streaks.
uzumaki-demon-gurl's avatar
ok i'm glad your not mad at me are you zet on gaia to? i'm ninjayumie
Zet206's avatar
well, I'm suppost to get my hair cut today, if you don't mind (after that movie) that way, you can tell me how good or bad it looks ^^; If that's okay with you.
TwilightHinata's avatar
So, what's our game plan?
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smurf-chan's avatar
I think it will look great.. but I think you should only dye the front of your hair pink... it will look cooler.. I think.. but do as you wish.. ^^
Zet206's avatar
I'm dying it red mot pink, but thanks for the suggestion ^^
smurf-chan's avatar
Ack.. crap.. I'm sorry.. lol.. then red then... sorry.. someone else said pink.. and I though.. 'was that color even pink?' so I just went along with it.. forgive me.. :hug:
Zet206's avatar
it's okay ^^
izzet-flectomancer's avatar
i love your hair. but maybe black and pink would suit you. just my opinion. you look great either way.
Zet206's avatar
thanks, but it's gonna be black and red. I don't like pink ^^;
Apple-Rings's avatar
You will look great and that's the truth.
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