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The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy is the the most distant thing you can see with unaided eyes. Autumn is the best period to see it along the night. This is our neighboring galaxy at a distance of 2.5 millions light-years. She is approaching our Milky Way and their are expected to collide in a few billion years.

Its apparent size in the sky is large like six full moon. There is also its satellites galaxies : M32, the smallest and closest to M31 and M110 on bottom-right of the image. The periphery of the galaxy is composed by blue young star and closer to the core the yellow star are older.

31 exposures of 1 minute for the heart and 46 exposures of 5 minutes done in two nights.
Camera : Canon EOS 1000D unfiltered
Telescope : Takahashi FSQ-106ED refractor.
Mount : Takahashi EM-200 USD3.
Guiding : Orion Starshoot Autoguider on a William Optic Zenithstar 66SD refractor.
Outside temperature : 10°C
Sensor temperature : 13°C
Software : auto-guiding and acquisition with MaximDL, pre-processing with Iris, processing with photoshop.
Location : L'Epine, Hautes-Alpes, France
Image details
Image size
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Canon EOS 1000D unfiltered
Shutter Speed
15660/1 second
Focal Length
530 mm
ISO Speed
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Oh wow! AMAZING shot! :faint:
ZeSly's avatar
Thank you !! :)
CloverFlowers's avatar
You're welcome! n-n
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Beautiful image. :)
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Holy shit that's cool.
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Can I have your permission to use this photo for a poster that will be displayed in Rohrbach Library at Kutztown Pennsylvania? I will cite your blog.
ZeSly's avatar
Hello Danielle,
You can by a print here on DeviantArt and display it at the library. Glad you like this photo.
Rainstar-of-LakeClan's avatar
Don't blame the Milky Way for the crash. It is that bigger spiral galaxy (Andromeda)'s fault!

Still, it is beautiful.
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In don't blame anyone ;) In fact I would like to be there during the colision. It will be a great spectacle !
Thanks for the compliment :)
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It's amazing if you really think what all we could be looking at, millions or billions of civilizations in various states of progress, think of the unimaginable amount of living things that could be there, think of the untold stories the drama the conflicts the resolutions the ups and downs and everything else you could imagine that sentient life is capable of could be going on in that galaxy alone, and we also have to remember the light took 2 million years to get here so who knows what's going on now. It's just mind blowing and makes me wish I could live long enough to find out what's over there.
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This is exactly why galaxies fascinate me despite their the most faint object to observe.
Thank you very for writing this thoughts here.
DyslexicGamer's avatar
No problem. Just wrote what came to mind.
Great picture, and lesson on the galaxies.
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Thanck you ! :-)
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Awesome . . . ! :) (Smile) I love the Andromeda . . . ! Clap 
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I love it too ;-) Thank you
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uh ? for what ?
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This Amazing picture! lol
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Oh ! well... thank you ! :-)
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Man amazing image!!! that is one amazing Telescope you own, all your equipment is! I hope to some day be able to get the proper equipment.
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Thank you very much ! :-)
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