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This is the fifth installment in the Smashified series. I acted as a creative director, modeler and painter for this piece.

We are beginning to become a truly collaborative team now, as this one took nearly half the amount of time to develop as apposed to previous entries. I cannot suggest teamwork enough. It makes a huge difference. My friend Andrew Coleman helped to push the development on this one. With his great knowledge of 3D materials and how to render them. He's a huge help to the team and will definitely be in future Smashified renditions.

Travis, if you do not know him, is the main protagonist for the upcoming fan game "Mother 4". Due sometime next month. A continuation to a cult-classic, Mother 4 appears to bring the same fun loving, and very strange, world back to life in all the right ways. Check out the game at

Want to have your favorite character smashified? Tweet directly at "smashified", which is the best way to have your suggestion be seen. Comments anywhere else with #smashified also works.
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If we had Ana from Earthbound Beginnings as Lucas' Echo Fighter, here's what we think will be her costumes:

1: Pink Dress [Default]

2: Yellow Dress [Yellow Team]

3: Lime Green Dress and lime green hair [Green Team]

4: Royal Blue Dress and Light Blue hair [Blue Team]

5: Red Dress, gray hair [Red Team, resembles Lloyd]

6: Blue & Yellow striped dress, Black hair [resembles Ninten]

7: light pink dress, Red Hair [Resembles Pippi]

8: White Dress, white hair [Resembles her ghostly spirit appearance from when she is knocked out]