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This is the fifth installment in the Smashified series. I acted as a creative director, modeler and painter for this piece.

We are beginning to become a truly collaborative team now, as this one took nearly half the amount of time to develop as apposed to previous entries. I cannot suggest teamwork enough. It makes a huge difference. My friend Andrew Coleman helped to push the development on this one. With his great knowledge of 3D materials and how to render them. He's a huge help to the team and will definitely be in future Smashified renditions.

Travis, if you do not know him, is the main protagonist for the upcoming fan game "Mother 4". Due sometime next month. A continuation to a cult-classic, Mother 4 appears to bring the same fun loving, and very strange, world back to life in all the right ways. Check out the game at

Want to have your favorite character smashified? Tweet directly at "smashified", which is the best way to have your suggestion be seen. Comments anywhere else with #smashified also works.
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Yeah, mother 4 definitely gonna be a AWESOME game! :D

Great work though :)
Hi, this is brilliant. It's very resembling to smash-like Mother characters.

I'm looking for SSB for Wii U Ness 3D model, I heard on the process video you took it as an inspiration.
Could you please tell me where you found it?

Thanks a lot, keep up with the good work. (Excuse my English)
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Am I the only one that notices that he's stealing art from hextupleyoodot?
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We are partners. I am the co-creator of Smashified. 
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This is so amazing. Now I want Travis playable in Smash 4.
faves3000's avatar
"I wanna be indiscernable from the real thing" Omni says as he created a fake Rayman leak that everyone bought until he outright states it was fake
RogerMark's avatar
Chaos 0 please
Rayhak's avatar
I got to be honest, everything with him is perfect BUT the hair, it looks... weird.  But the rest looks 10/10.
EmperorTokijin's avatar
beeeaaauutiful! I loved the video, I like watching the magic happen. It actually motivated me to pick up my pencil
DoJayMi's avatar
Okay, this is the most professional one I've seen yet. You guys used an actual model for posing. Great work! 
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
I thought I heard this game got cancled.
Zesiul's avatar
Nope! It comes out next month!
colossalcake's avatar
Nice! Can't wait!
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
Nice. Im gonna have to play the third one sometime when I got an actual computer, and I still need to catch up with playing Earth Bound on my WiiU
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Watching the video I wonder, why did the UV mapping and texturing looked like it took a lot of unnecesary steps? And why there was a UV texture already done before the Uv mapping when it's usually done in the opposite order, uv mapping first and texturing second?
colossalcake's avatar
(laughs!) I'm sure many artists were watching that part through their fingers. I ended up scrapping almost everything that happened on the UVs during the video and not recording the steps that lead to the final version. What we did was try to remake the shirt and pants from scratch, and then line them up the Ness's Wii U textures. That didn't work. So off camera we used the UV's that came from Ness and then modify the textures, the pants took a little more custom work but we were still about to source the game texture and model for it eventually. I made a bit of a mess from something that in the end was actually relatively simple to complete.
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Seems like my modeling skills are no longer needed, Great job!
Romulan64's avatar
DO SIMON BELMONT. Or, if you want a list... (I have no Twitter):

:bulletblack: Simon Belmont (CV1, Simon's Quest, Super Castlevania IV, or Chronicles look)
:bulletblack: Younger Richter Belmont (Rondo of Blood/Dracula X look)
:bulletblack: Symhony of the Night-look Alucard (Count Dracula's son)
:bulletblack: Sypha Belnades (Dracula's Curse look)
:bulletblack: Julius Belmont
:bulletblack: Yoko Belnades
:bulletblack: John Morris or Eric Lecarde
KuronosuSai's avatar
BLTspirit's avatar
Awesome that you guys are letting Mother 4 get some more exposure!
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