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Tetrominos Trophy Smashified Turn-Around

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Here are those wonderful 4-piece blocks everyone loves so much!

Be Sure to check out the full render here- fav.me/d9s4j0k

I decided that it'd be fun to make a trophy out of these old things. After all they do deserve their own time in the spotlight. We did mention that not every trophy would receive it's own episode. Some we'll just make off of a whim. Like this. It'll be on the website soon enough. I'm sure we'll have more trophies than characters one day!

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Other stuff. Feel free to download and use this for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

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OmegaSteve777Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will this be on the Smashified website now that it has a trophies section?
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Brawlitup99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question, and I'm guessing you'll say no, but have you considered making trophies for some of your favorite Smashified characters?
The other question is are you considering releasing these models?
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Yep. We are going to for every fully 3D character we put out. It was a very important thought for the recent Sceptile. We needed to make sure his pose looked good from every angle. Those will be released in the near future. We're still organizing our Smashified Trophies page.
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Brawlitup99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah, really? That's amazing!
But what I meant for the second question was will you be releasing the models themselves? Are you posting them on the Trophies page?
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The models are already available exclusively to our Patrons. www.patreon.com/Smashified
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"Tetrominos come from the long running video game series: Tetris. In the games, your goal is to manipulate each Tetromino, by moving each one side ways and by rotating it in a 90 degree unit, the main objective is to fill up a horizontal line with 10 blocks without leaving any gaps. As this happens, the blocks will mysteriously vanish! Addicting, isn't it?"

Appears In:

Tetris (6/1984)

Tetris Ultimate (11/2014) [3DS]
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KilerDiLeoHobbyist Artist
Nice description.
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when will this image creation video be put up?
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Not all trophies recieve them. This one included. 
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I know but I would laugue so hard
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thats not sans...................
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TheFancyGamer1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Who cares?
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TheFancyGamer1Hobbyist Digital Artist
This isn't Undertale, it's Tetris.

Your obviously someone who hasn't heard of classic video games.
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iWander12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Who cares about Sans? Just enjoy the lovely art.
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SmashWaffleProfessional Traditional Artist
another one already? wow!
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I love this.
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ImPrideHobbyist Artist
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DarKingdomHeartsHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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MarkProductionsProfessional Digital Artist
Great job! :D
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EricSonic18Student Digital Artist
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Nice! The trophy base looks so realistic!
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